FOX 2.0 TS DAMPER RAM 3500 (2013-2022)

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Fox 2.0 TS(through-shaft) steering damper, specific for the 2013+ Ram 2500/3500/Power Wagon trucks!

  • Does not fit the solid axle 2 wheel drive trucks.
  • This is the non adjustable version. Choose the ATS(Adjustable-through-shaft) version if you want the stiffer bearing ends, and adjustable feature.
  • Through-shaft technology prevents any internal pressure from inducing steering push/pull.
  • TS version here uses rubber bushing ends and is non-adjustable.
  • TS version damping force feels similar to the ATS version in the wide-open position. If you have 37" tires or larger and/or wide offset wheels, the ATS version is more effective.
  • Comes with bracket shown, needed for installation.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Powers
Impressive difference

I have been doing a piece by piece on the front of my 2017 Ram 3500, Springs, Overland Shocks, Track bar, and then this TS. I really couldn't believe the difference from stock!! All of the components work so well together! The steering comes to life with this damper! The wife even says it's a lot better than before!!