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Our Long Travel leaf springs are designed to give the most suspension travel possible, while still being able to hold up to extreme off-road abuse. These leafs are very soft, and give the best street ride you can get.

  • Heat treated, shot peened, and manufactured from the highest quality materials available.
  • Can supply true, clean, 18" of active suspension travel.
  • Extended design uses shackle length and motion ratio to amplify wheel travel.
  • Very soft spring rate and ride feel, more like a 1/2 ton truck.
  • Designed to mount using the factory OEM u-bolts.
  • High quality PTMEG Polyurethane bushings.
  • Moves rear axle back slightly to help 37" tires clear the fender better.
  • Almost completely eliminates axle drive chatter in soft terrain/sand.
SHACKLE IMPORTANT NOTE: These leaf springs are extended length, MANDATING our shackles are used, and the longest length position on our shackle MUST be utilized. The factory OEM shackles will not work and leaf spring damage will occur if the shackle is not installed properly!
If you tow/load heavy weight often, please consult with us prior to purchase to make sure these are the right leafs for you!
Shipping notes:
We ship these leaf springs via UPS ground. They are very heavy and awkward, so picking up at your local UPS hub might be something you want to do. If you prefer to do that, once you get a tracking number from us, call UPS and have them kept on hold at your local UPS hub, and you can pick up there.
Shipping cost for these leaf springs can be rather expensive, and the UPS quote system on this website is not always accurate. If the true shipping costs end up being more money than charged at the time of purchase, we will email or call you to discuss shipping options, and/or extra fee's due.


Customer Reviews

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Brian Martin
I will be ordering more parts soon!

Can’t wait for more parts

Justin Hopkins
Great product

Great product, fast shipping. The only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars is because when it showed up the whole leaf spring wasn’t wrapped with bubble wrap.. only the ends were. Resulting in scratches on the spring itself. Other than that great quality spring can’t wait to see how it handles on the truck.

James Whitley
Best products ever!!

These will make your truck ride like a dang ol cadillac!