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  • Fits 2003-2013 4x4 2500 trucks, 2003-2012 4x4 3500, and 2005-2013 Power Wagons.
  • The greaseable 75D bushing we use as the shackle pivot provides smooth bind-free shackle swing.
  • 3 position height adjustable,  when used with OEM or other brand leafs. Stock height, 3/4" lift, and 1-3/4" lift options.
  • Thuren LT leafs must use the longest span mounting, so they become non-height adjustable, with Thuren LT leafs.
When performance leaf springs are added to the truck, the extension and compression of the leaf springs length, can bind up the tight rubber OEM shackle bushing. Removing every bit of friction counts. This shackle was originally designed as the key component to our Long Travel extended Leafs, but will fit any truck with OEM or aftermarket leafs. As an added benefit, we added the ability to tune the rear suspension height with multiple mounting positions. 

Customer Reviews

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Brant McDermott
Needs more stars

The construction of the leaf spring shackles is excellent. Im very impressed with everything from the welds to the engineered strength. Great accessibility to representatives of the company. Cant say enough about their professionalism. I know that fast handling and shipping cant always be expected. However, it must be appreciated when encountered.


Worked perfect and the fit and finish are what I would expect from any Thuren part, awesome!!

seth finley
Great for contractor

I’m am a building contractor and have a lumber rack as well as tool boxes on my truck bed. I have Thuren’s 2” coils in the front and have done his overload mod in the rear, but with the added weight I often kept 20 psi in my air bag helper springs to keep the truck sitting at a good stance. But By relying on the airbags to support the rear of the vehicle even with daystar cradles the ride would be a bit bouncy and limited, with the new shackles my truck is sitting solely on springs and Moves freely I keep only 5 psi or so In the airbags (unless I’m hauling a load) and the ride is much better. Just need some better shocks now and I’ll have a washboard cruising machine

Matt N.
2012 Powerwagon Rear Shackles

Good build quality, easy installation, and I love the adjustability. Very impressed with all thuren product packaging. Absolutely zero shipping damage on any of their parts.