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Alignment, handling, Death Wobble, what products to choose and why, what wheels and tires will fit, taking care of our products, trackbar maintenance, why I designed things the way I did, etc..... Everything I could think of is there.

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We are extremely busy at this time. Everyone in the shop going full speed. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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If you have a simple yes or no question to ask, or something is VERY urgent, please feel free to text to the below numbers. If the answer will require more than one sentence, and is not absolutely urgent, call or email please.

 Contact Aaron about....... Standard product questions, phone sales, what's in stock, shipping, etc.

Aaron Edelheit =  541-508-9190 /

Contact Don about..... Product issues, in depth chassis/shock tech, administrative, dealer inquiries, etc. 

Don Thuren  =   541-508-9104   /


Thank you very much!

Don Thuren