Emulsion vs. IFP

There are 2 common types of Shocks used on these trucks: Emulsion and IFP which stands for Internal Floating Piston.

With Emulsion shocks the nitrogen and oil are mixed, while this can provide a good on road ride and slow speed off road any high speed or high impact off road is very limited.

IFP shock’s use the internal floating piston to separate the nitrogen and oil allowing the piston to be in pure oil which allows for better performance all around. The nitrogen charge in a shock basically puts a pre load on the oil to eliminate cavitation and foaming which can make the shock perform poorly.

Reservoir shocks typically use IFP technology and when combined with the added cooling abilities of the remote reservoir we are able to use more compression and rebound dampening which provides a more controlled ride on and off road.

When talking about a 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and so on shock we are referring to the body diameter of it. The larger body equals a larger piston with more surface area, the more surface are there is the smoother the ride will typically be and the more on road to off crossover it will have.