2000 - 2002 STD CONTROL ARMS

2000 - 2002 STD CONTROL ARMS

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Our control arms are a great addition to any 2000-2002 solid axle Dodge Ram. The OEM control arms are constructed from very thin wall steel, the bushings have a good amount of deflection, and are prone to failure with increased suspension travel.

  • Fits 2000 - 2002 trucks.
  • Arms are 1/2" longer in length, allowing better clearnance with larger tires.
  • Works on truck with no lift, or up to 3.5" of lift.
  • Lower arms are built from high strength 1.5"x3/8" wall 1026 DOM tube.
  • Upper arms are solid alloy bar
  • Wide flange joints, to make sure bolt torque has no problem keeping the arms locked in place, even under heavy abuse.
  • Bend in lower arms do not cross center, to retain impact strength.
  • Machined in house proprietary SELF CENTERING joints, to prevent the arms from rocking to one side and rubbing the frame/axle.
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel center pivots.17-4 Stainless is about as hard as a Grade 8 bolt, so these joints will not crush like other brand arms.
  • Stainless steel center pivots prevent rust-seizing of the bolts, for easy removal.
  • Joints are easy to grease and maintain, and when the day comes to rebuild, no special tools are required it is a very easy inexpensive job.
  • Arms are texture blasted before powdercoating, to prevent impact chipping of the coating.
  • Main joint bushings are a moderate durometer high quality PTMEG Polyurethane, for great wear resistance, and great vibration control.