ACTIVE RATE SWAY BAR RAM 2500 (2003-2013)

ACTIVE RATE SWAY BAR RAM 2500 (2003-2013)


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Our sway bar is a softer rate than the stock unit, allowing the axle to move more independently side to side. This smooths out off camber bumps, pot holes, and even simply turning into a drive way. Includes Sway bar, Frame mounts and End links.

  • Uses no solid joints like Heim joints or solid bushings. In this application, Heims can become noisy very early in the life-cycle, with the swaybar moving so much.
  • 6 grease zerk fittings used throughout the assembly.
  • Same proven JKS Poly orbital joints as used in our other swaybar links.
  • Not recommended  if you have a much higher center of gravity, for example, a slide in camper. If you have heavy weight in the bed below the top rail, on the trailer hitch, or towing a heavy 5th wheel or gooseneck, there is no handling issue.
  • May interfere with some steering box braces, check to brace to make sure a straight bar will clear.

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Long
A Great Complimentary Upgrade for the Thuren Track Bar

If you have a Thuren adjustable track bar, then the active rate sway bar kit will be a great compliment to it. I've had the active rate sway bar kit installed on my 2013 Ram 2500 diesel for a couple of years it works well with the Thuren track bar to give both handling stability and a great ride over the OEM sway bar. To give credit where it's due, the OEM sway bar is actually pretty beefy, however the OEM link ends leave a bit to be desired. I had the Thuren track bar installed for a couple of years before I got the active rate sway bar kit. What I found with the Thuren track bar coupled with the OEM sway bar is that it makes steering your truck a bit more difficult. It's not real bad, but it's enough that it's noticeable. The active rate sway bar kit will soften all of that up to where it feels like OEM, but the steering more responsive than OEM and it gives you a better ride on the front axle. As I said in my review of the Thuren track bar, my wife liked the handling of my truck so much that we got the active rate sway bar kit for her 2013 Ram 2500 diesel as well (installs are pending for her truck). I am very pleased with all of the Thuren upgrades I have on my Ram, so I have zero issue putting the same quality parts on my wife's Ram.

Curtis Woodyard
Smooth ride

Just installed the sway bar , spring and fox shocks. Wow what a difference in the ride quality. I would recommend these parts for your 05 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel. Game changer for sure.

Great Addition and Value for the Money

Well worth the money to add to your truck. Very noticeable improvement to the way truck handles on rough trails. Easy to install.

Wiley Nelson
The missing piece

I have a 1997 Dodge 2500 I installed this sway bar on, (minor custom fitting required for that year) it has long arm suspension and many other aftermarket parts but still never drove quite right until now. I've been running with no sway bar for close to 5 years because the stock unit was way too stiff and harsh, and now with this one on my truck handles much better on the road without being bad offroad. The ride is not harsh like the stock sway bar, I lost a small amount of flex up front compared to no sway bar but it feels much more correct all things considered. Shipping was very fast and the overall build quality looks good.

Travis Wolfe

Very Satisfied with all my Thuren purchases and customer service is top notch!