BOOGIE BUMP PAIR RAM 2500 (2014-2022)
BOOGIE BUMP PAIR RAM 2500 (2014-2022)
BOOGIE BUMP PAIR RAM 2500 (2014-2022)
BOOGIE BUMP PAIR RAM 2500 (2014-2022)
BOOGIE BUMP PAIR RAM 2500 (2014-2022)

BOOGIE BUMP PAIR RAM 2500 (2014-2022)

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  • 20 minute install with the bolt-on bracket option
  • No harsh engagement like hydraulic bump stops
  • Massive improvement in bottom-out comfort

    ** Do not fit the rear Boogie Bumps if you have airbags mounted where the OEM bumps were.

    Thuren Boogie Bumps are extremely soft, progressive, cellular foam bump stops. They effectively reduce bottom-out harshness, by controlling the last 2.5" of suspension travel, seamlessly absorbing up to 40,000 pounds of force.

    The cellular foam used also functions somewhat like memory foam, drastically reducing bounce when you inevitably do bottom out. These may look like normal rubber or Polyurethane bump stops but they are far from it!

    Boogie bumps are key components required to comfortably take any Dodge Ram off road.

    ** For the 2019-2022 model year trucks, our standard front stainless clamps do not fit. The Sumo Bumps are the same material as our Boogie Bumps, in a more compact package, so that they clear the Track Bar mount. While the mounting is not as sturdy as our Boogie Bump mounting, we have tested this product and it functions very well as the closest equivalent in performance we could find.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Chad Routte

    These bumps stops are night and day different

    Brice Sodorff
    Boogie bumps

    These boogie bumps significantly reduced the bottom out harshness. Wish I would have gotten these sooner.

    Stephen Lindsay
    Great addition to my Power Wagon

    Don't wait 3 years like I did, get these now. Your back and passengers will thank you!

    Danny M
    Let’s boogie

    Got these for my 2.5 king equipped ram, installation was a breeze. Another awesome product from Thuren!