2013+ 3500 KING 2.0 IFP

2013+ 3500 KING 2.0 IFP
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13+ 3500 / 14+ 2500 KING 2.0 IFP FRONT SHOCKS, FOR THUREN FRONT COILS TF575-07
1994-2013+ KING 2.0 IFP REAR PAIR TF573-05

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         Our KING 2.0 IFP shocks are designed to be as smooth as possible on rough roads, highways, and smaller choppy terrain. They are great for moderate to even heavy towing, and small to medium square-edge bumps are controlled very well. High speed washboard roads, and mild slower crawling type driving, are all great for these shocks.

         Even though these shocks may perform great in bigger off road terrain, being a small 2.0" diameter size, aggressive off road driving with desert-type terrain can overheat these shocks. Over heated shock oil is easy to assess, and will void warranty. Heavy highway towing would never be enough to over heat these shocks. If you ever drive on more aggressive off-road terrain, for over a continuous 15 minutes at a time where the suspension is using full travel, especially in the hot summer months, our larger 2.5 shocks are suggested.


  • Fits 2013+ RAM 3500
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: These shocks will fit and function with OUR BRAND front coils ONLY!
  • Our very custom tuning for these shocks is designed specifically for street ride quality, gravel/choppy roads, and slower speed off-road terrain.
  • Fully rebuildable shocks.
  • Eyelet/through bolt ends use full size teflon lined bearings.
  • With our coils these shocks provide 9.5" front and 12.5" rear wheel travel.