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       Our complete front and rear Overland system will lift the truck properly, without breaking the bank, while providing a much more controlled ride especially on rough terrain. Street ride is also vastly improved. This kit is complete and cuts no corners, but you can always upgrade or add components in the future if you like.

Please note that if you choose the 1/2" lift front option, the rear of the truck will remain 1-1/2" higher than the front. This would be good for people who have a few hundred pounds of gear in the truck bed at most times.

The included rear coils springs are quite a bit softer than stock. The ride quality and suspension travel benefit also comes with the drawback of more sag when weight is in the bed, or vertical on the hitch. The rear suspension with our coils will sag with weight similar to a 1/2 ton truck.

Wheel travel is increased about 10% in the front, and 20% in the rear. Massive improvement in off-road control.

Kit includes:

  • Thuren front soft-rate coil spring pair. Either 1-1/2" lift or 1/2" lift, OVER the factory Power Wagon 1-1/2" front lift.
  • Thuren Heavy duty front Track Bar.
  • Thuren rear soft-rate coil spring pair.
  • Thuren rear HD sway bar link pair.
  • Thuren Overland front shock pair. 
  • Thuren Overland rear shock pair.
  • Stainless steel emergency brake frame bracket.