Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 Fox IFP Front Kit

2014-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 Fox IFP Front Leveling Kit


Regular price $1,150.00

This Leveling Kit includes:

  • Thuren Front Soft Ride Coils
  • Trackbar
  • Fox IFP shocks

Be sure to choose your coil springs lift height wisely. Additional help with coil height choice can also be found on the individual front coil springs pages.

Customer Reviews

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Great Highway Ride Improvement - Slight Local Road Ride Improvement

I installed the Thuren 1” front lift kit, rear track bar and rear Fox shocks on my 2016 Ram 2500. I kept the OE rear coils in place, as I didn’t want to reduce my towing capacity. I live on a very rough country road. The Thuren suspension gave me only a slightly better ride on my local road, but the rear track bar did help eliminate most of the side to side jerking motion I used to experience, which is a plus. The Thuren suspension really shines on the open road, where speeds are above 60 MPH. Huge highway improvement.

1" Coil Leveling Kit w/FOX IF

I wanted to provide a little more clearance to run 35's and soften up the ride on my RAM2500, but I also wanted to maintain a bit of the factory rake. Chris at Thuren was super helpful in answering questions about options and assuring me that the 1" coil leveling kit would accomplish what I was looking for. Couldn't be happier with my decision.

Thomas Price
2022 Soft ride/Fox IFP

I installed the rear first and drove for it that way for 5000 miles, then added the front. My impressions are that the rear soft ride setup accounts for 80% of the improved ride quality. I tend to drive high speeds a lot (80-95) and at speed, this kit produces a little bit of a floating feeling (small amount of side to side sway). Under 75mph this feeling is hardly perceptible and the jarring ride from bumps is eliminated. I am totally satisfied with this setup, great for and finish on everything. Best of all, my wife’s doesn’t bitch about the ride now lol.

Travis Heidt
2022 ram 2500 level kit. RIDES AMAZING!

So far I’m obsessed. Truck sits strong, rides 10x better, and looks so much better without those stock dumpy coils/shocks! With the Toyo AT3’s it’s a whole new beast!
5 Stars

Stewart Esham
Truck rides far better than before

My wife and I live on kodiak island in Alaska, the roads here are terrible in the winter. Frost heaves, failing roads, dirt roads, etc. I drive an hour long country road a few times a week here to access a surf spot, and this truck now handles this road much easier. From stock to this suspension with the additional sway bar made a huge difference. Wash board dirt roads and pot holes are no match for the smooth ride our Cummins ram has now.