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Our soft rate coil springs are the perfect blend of a soft ride, high performance, and great control. Resist buying into the Progressive/Multi rate hype as these are single rate LINEAR coils for a reason. They ride and function better! Ask around and you'll find these are the best riding highest quality coils you can get.


Only fits 4 Wheel Drive Solid Axle 4 link trucks, it does not fit the 2013 Ram 3500.

Approximate lift heights for applicable vehicles:

  • 2010-2013 DIESEL QUAD CAB = 2.875" LIFT
  • 2010-2013 DIESEL MEGACAB = 2.625" LIFT
  • 2007.5-2009 DIESEL QUAD CAB = 3.00" LIFT
  • 2007.5-2009 DIESEL MEGACAB = 2.875" LIFT
  • 2003-2007 DIESEL QUAD CAB = 3.125" LIFT
  • 2006-2007.5 DIESEL MEGACAB = 3.00" LIFT
  • 1995-2002 DIESEL QUAD CAD = 3.75" LIFT

Customer Reviews

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Josh Powers
2007 ram 3500

I’m giving 4 stars because it’s the second lift I’ve gotten from them and it’s an awesome setup with amazing results but…. It’s also the second 3” kit I’ve purchased and had the same issue with the track bar being borderline on the length getting the axle centered. Other than that it’s top notch!

Seth Mulholland
Very impressed

I am very impressed how these soft ride springs perform on my ram 2500 not believing that any spring could make a ram ride smooth Thuren proved me wrong. I will definitely recommend these springs to anyone wanting a smooth ride from a quality product!

Ben Allen
Beautiful hardware

Everything looks fantastic. Every Thuren product I have purchased is built beautifully and I am pleased with the ride height of my 2011 Ram 2500. I waited to write a review until I had a chance to ride on the new coils for a couple weeks. I installed the Thuren 3" soft ride diesel coils, the Thuren active-rate sway bar and the Thuren track bar as well as 1" lift blocks in the rear plus Bilstein 5100's in all four corners. I cannot honestly say that I notice a massive improvement in the ride quality. The sway bar made the most noticeable difference. That said, bumps and potholes are still really sharp (maybe a hair better than the stock with coils and 2-1/2" spacers I had but its hard to tell.) I'm not sure if adding new control arms will make much of a difference, I only rub a little at full turn with 35"x12.5" tires. I am sure the ride quality has improved but I'm wondering if there is something that I am missing.

Jeff Keuper
Super stoked

Recently purchased a 2013 Ram 2500 megacab. After purchase I experienced occasional death wobble and knew that it needed to be addressed with a new track bar, I also wanted to level the truck too.
I took measurements and decided to purchase the 3" coils. After installation of the coils and track bar, all I can say is wow! They totally transformed the truck both in ride and appearance. I'm totally stoked with the outcome. 🤙🏼

worth every penny!

If you're here considering new springs, yes - they are amazing! I have a '13 long bed quad cab. The shocks were showing signs of wear, the truck was totally stock. I happened to find some 2.5" pucks for $20 so I figured I'd level her out. Yep - nice and level. After about a year of driving some rough roads, and some worn front u-joints, I figured since I was going to be back in the front end, I'd pull the trigger on the 3" soft ride coils. I was a bit concerned that they would put the front end a little high, but it's not noticeably higher than the pucks. But the ride! It doesn't bounce on the concrete highways at all anymore, speed bumps are much less harsh, driveway entries - all of the city/highway stuff is so much nicer. I don't really "off road" but dirt and gravel roads are so much better. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't ride like a Lexus... lol... but buy them - you won't regret it! Thanks Thuren!!!