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     Our Active-Rate sway bar is a softer spring rate compared to the stock OEM unit, allowing the axle to move and articulate more independently, side to side. This softer rate smooths out off-camber bumps, pot holes, curbs, etc.

  • This is our new release, Higher turn-clearance-version, front sway bar.
  • Clears 37x12.5 tires on stock wheels, with no rub on the sway bar.
  • Compliment with our High Clearance Radius Arms, to get full zero-rub turning radius with 37x12.5's and high positive-offset, tucked in, wheels.
  • Stainless steel frame bushing clamps and joint sleeves.
  • Uses no solid joints like Heim joints or solid bushings. In this application, non-greaseable joints can become noisy very early in the life-cycle.
  • 6 grease zerk fittings used throughout the assembly.
  • Same proven JKS Poly orbital joints as used in our other sway bar links.
  • Not recommended if you have a much higher center of gravity. For example a slide in camper, heavy camper on top of the rails, etc...
  • Heavy weight in the bed below the rail, or on the trailer hitch, is no issue with this sway bar.

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Best upgrade availavle

When you read the description you wonder just how much difference a sway bar can make. It makes a huge difference. On road it rides a little better but it isn't very noticeable which is a good thing because it doesn't increase body roll either. When it really shines is off road and going in and out of driveways. I went from stock, to just the thuren sway bar, to thuren sway bar and 2.25" lift coils in the span of two weeks and going in and out of the driveway at work isn't even noticeable anymore, before I had to slow down to below 5 mph to keep my head from banging on the window!