Image of Thuren Fabrication 2003-2013 High Performance Leaf Spring Shackles
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2003-2013 High Performance Leaf Spring Shackles Bushing and Crush Sleeve

2003-2013 High Performance Leaf Spring Shackles


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  • Fits 2003-2013 4x4 2500 trucks, 2003-2012 4x4 3500, and 2005-2013 Power Wagons.
  • The grease-able 75D bushing at the shackle pivot provides smooth bind-free shackle swing.
  • 3 position height adjustable,  when used with OEM or other brand leafs. Stock height, 3/4" lift, and 1-3/4" lift options.
  • Thuren LT leafs must use the longest span mounting, so they become non-height adjustable with Thuren Long Travel leafs installed.

When performance leaf springs are added to your truck, the extension and compression of the leaf springs length can bind up the tight rubber OEM shackle bushing. Removing every bit of friction counts.

Thuren Shackles were originally designed as the key component to our Long Travel extended Leafs, but will fit any truck with OEM or aftermarket leafs. As an added benefit, we added the ability to tune the rear suspension height with multiple mounting positions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
chawn young
2011 cummins

Good makes a difference for sure

Raph Kroll

It’s my second set and could not be happier!! Always quality products from Thuren.

Larry Wilke
Great shackle!

Nice and tight. Went with the 3/4” lift.

Bijan Fathy
Thuren Adustable Shackles

Like everything Thuren makes it’s high quality. My only gripe is they are very noisy. I was told to back the torque off from 180 lb/ft to 100 lb/ft to help alleviate the noise but it made no difference. I will continue to pump grease in them every 1,000 miles or so and hopefully that helps.

2013 Ram 2500

Well built, nicely packaged. They fit well, my only gripe is that they're NOISY without being totally packed with grease at all times. Wouldn't prevent from buying again, but worth noting.