FRONT COILS RAM 3500 (2013-2022)

FRONT COILS RAM 3500 (2013-2022)


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     Our soft-rate coil springs are the perfect blend of a soft ride, high performance, and great control. Starting in 2013 on the radius arm platform, Ram decided to design the front coil spring mounts at an angle. This presents some issues with the coils design, as the coil has a very hard time standing straight without a massive bend in the coil, when loaded. This might be why the OEM coils are so stiff. Stiff coils will bend less. Regardless, with some tricky engineering we were able to combat the angled seats, and design a coil which stands very straight installed.

These front coils fit the normal 4x4 2500/3500 trucks, and also fit most 2014+ 2-Wheel Drive 2500/3500 trucks with the straight front axle. We make a 2 Wheel Drive specific front trackbar, but our shocks needed for these coils all fit the 2 Wheel Drive also. It is a good idea to email us pictures of your 2 Wheel Drive suspension to verify fit, pre-purchase.

  • 100% made in the USA.
  • If not purchasing our shocks to work with these coils, please contact us to make sure your shocks will function properly. Even aftermarket shocks by application for a leveling kit with stock coils, will not work properly, as they are much too short extended and the damping rates are way off.
  • The 3500 Rams come 1/2" taller than the 2500 from the factory, which is the reason for the height difference.
  • Each 5160 alloy spring is fully CNC computer formed and tested, using the most high-tech manufacturing processes.
  • 26-30% softer than the ultra-stiff OEM coils, while designed to still use factory compression/bump travel. No bump drops needed.
  • No radius arm drops required, being that these coils are designed around the OEM bump travel constraints.
  • Proven Linear rate design, just like all of our other coils, to prevent inconsistent feel through the range of motion.

Customer Reviews

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Keith Osterman
Love the new ride

Just installed the 1.75 leveling springs and trac bar. My truck rides nicer than before. Thumbs up for the installation instructions. Next is new shocks.

Brandon W
2021 Ram 3500 2.25 FRONT COIL SPRINGS

I installed the 2.25 front coils and fox shocks! Very impressive ride quality! If you are hesitant, don't be, ride is definitely less firm then factory. Overall very happy

Robert Pomeroy
Great Ride!

Install was easy and only took 1.5 hrs by myself! Lift height was exactly as advertised at 2.25" and it a much better ride than factory springs.

Levels & offers a better ride - ESPECIALLY with Thuren's tuned shocks

Thuren's coils will level your truck AND give you a smoother ride. Install is fairly easy and can be done in under 2 hours. I would strongly suggest going with one of Thuren's tuned shock sets with their coils. Night & day difference when paired up with their properly valved shocks. You will not be disappointed. Every Thuren component I have bought has been top quality and they have always answered all of my questions before and after my purchases. After upgrading the coils and shocks I would highly recommend Thuren's front sway bar.

Albert Wagner
Front coil ram 2020 3500

Great service and helped on rough ride would buy from them again