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Thuren Ram 6 inch plus lift XHD Steering


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How to get the measurements we need... CLICK HERE

This is a Semi-custom product. See checklist note below regarding shipping timeline.

These steering kits mandate you have 6"-12" of lift on your truck, for these steering kits to fit/function at all. If you have 0-3" lift / leveling kit, this steering kit will not function. No exceptions here!

Each kit is custom built to match your vehicles specific lift height and suspension components. This kit does require permanent modifications to steering knuckles so factory steering cannot be put back on without purchasing new knuckles and possibly the pitman arm, depending on your setup.


  • Grade 8, 3/4" Bolts and Nylock Nuts 
  • High Angle Safety Washers 
  • 3-Piece FK TEFLON 28,000 LB. Chromo Rod Ends 
  • 7/8" Shank Drag Link and Tie Rod Heim Joints 
  • 1.5" X 3/8" Wall DOM Tubes 
  • CNC Drilled and Threaded Tube Ends 
  • Bent to Clear Swaybar Links 
  • Clears larger differential covers 


  1. We often have the most common sizes of these kits prepped and almost ready to ship, but regardless, plan on about 2-4 weeks to ship under normal conditions.
  2. If your suspension lift kit does not have a Track Bar drop bracket installed, do not buy this steering it will not work.
  3. Steering knuckles and pitman must be drilled straight through with a 3/4" drill bit. The OEM steering will not bolt back up after performing this modification.
  4. Alignments are much more tedious with this style steering. These steering kits are best suited for people who work on their own truck and are willing to tinker a bit to fine tune the installation.
  5. Factory wheels, or deep backspace 17" wheels do not fit with this steering, as they will contact the new top-mount Heim Joint. You must have 18" wheels or larger, 5.5" or less backspacing with 17" wheels.
  6. The tie-rod has no provision for a steering damper. You can purchase a Thuren Steering Clamp here if needed, or weld on your own tabs, etc.


If you have over 6" of lift, be sure to check your "trackbar drop bias" before you order. This bias, or, the difference between the actual trackbar bracket drop measurement, and lift height, should be no more than 4".

This means if you have a 10" lift, you should have a measured 6" drop trackbar bracket. 12" lift = 8" drop trackbar bracket, etc... If you have a 8" lift and a measured 3" trackbar drop bracket, you need more trackbar drop. Fix that first before ordering this steering, or you will be fixing/reordering this all later down the road, again.

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