How To Camp With Dogs

How To Camp With Dogs

How To Camp With Dogs

You’ve decided to go camping and of course you want to bring the whole family, including your dog right? This brings up the question, how do you safely camp with a dog? Will it be a hassle camping with dogs? You just bring the dog food right? It doesn’t necessarily have to be, but there are some things you should know before heading out into the wilderness with your furry friend on your next adventure.

Lets get into the details of what to expect when camping with your dog and a few precautions you should take before, during, and after.

Do Your Research

It might feel like dogs are welcome all over the US but this is not always the case. Most established campsites will come with a standard set of rules even if labeled as dog friendly. Some can have extra requirements implying that your lovable four-legged friend remains a statue while on site. It can be quite ridiculous so do your research before you go camping with dogs.

Standard Requirements:

  • Must Be On Leash - leash requirements might feel restrictive for your Doggo but it’s a safety requirement for both your dog and your fellow campers. Unfortunately, not everybody is a dog lover, and as friendly as your dog might be, it could be a traumatic experience for some people. Take care around others and be respectful.
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed - some people confuse “aggressive breeds” with an aggressive dog. Logically, any dog can be an aggressive dog. A protective dog or an undisciplined dog is usually frowned upon in most environments and will cause a problem at most campsites. If your dog is aggressive, do not go camping with dogs to a place that is meant for relaxation or manage them so other campers can enjoy themselves without fear of your nippy chihuahua.
  • Barking noise ordinance - dogs bark, right? They can’t communicate otherwise even though we’d like them to be fluent in our known language. That being said, it’s the responsibility of the dog owner to control the dog and keep barking to a minimum even while in the great outdoors. Control your dog's outbursts and be considerate of other campers minimizing noise pollution. Side note, dogs barking can actually draw attention for unwanted guests to stop by unannounced i.e. mountain lions, bears, bobcats, raccoons, etc. so keep them quiet and keep your dog safe.

Stay Up On Your Vaccinations

Dogs can be some of the most resilient animals on the planet. They have to be right, with their constant curiosity and no fear attitude, they’re bound to get into anything and go anywhere. It’s up to us as owners to keep them as healthy as we can so they can be with us for a long time and continue their resilience, especially while camping with dogs.