Why Is My Track Bar So Noisy?

Simply put your hardware is not tightened to spec. Regardless of the tools used or if your calibrated arm feels like it’s tight enough the specified torque requires two different torque values.

Two different bolt sizes come installed on the Dodge Ram stock track bar. Whether you have upgraded to the Thuren Track Bar or not it is important to apply the correct amount of torque to ensure proper security of your components.

  • The 18 mm bolt head requires 150 foot pounds of torque
  • The 21 mm and 27 mm bolt head requires 215 foot pounds of torque

Track Bar Heim Joint Specifications

To ensure you don’t void your warranty it is important to ensure the Heim Joint at the axle mount side of the track bar is properly torqued.

We pre-torque the jam nut on our 2013+ Track Bar to 200-220 foot pounds. If you have loosened it for adjusting and do not retorque to these specifications it will eventually result in damaged threads once it comes loose.

Damaged threads and/or the track bar due to improper maintenance will result in a void of warranty.

Recommended Grease For All Suspension Components

We recommend using a high quality, high performance, synthetic grease for lubricating all possible suspension components. Synthetic grease will operate at a thinner viscosity and we believe this will perform better under normal to harsh conditions.

A thicker grease will give you the understanding that it will stick where it's intended to be lubricated. The issue with a thicker non-synthetic grease is that it tends to get stuck inside a cavity and results in drying up and degrading its intended purpose.

Lubricate your suspension components often (in line with your oil changes)  with your preferred brand of synthetic grease to prolong the performance of your truck.

Thuren Fabrication Track Bar Maintenance

When you upgrade your track bar to a Thuren Fabrication Track Bar you will  need to understand this will require some follow-on  maintenance for the frame side bushing mount.

Bushing Mount

The old rubber bushings are gone and the mounting joints will now require grease. Utilize the installed Zerk Fittings to apply your preferred brand of synthetic grease to the high performing close tolerance bushing we have designed for the track bar.

There is some time needed (roughly 2000 miles) for the bushing to properly break-in and allow the grease to reach its intended destination. Apply grease often, understanding the break-in period and what follows. The creaking will subside once break-in is reached.

Axle Mount

The axle side mounting point of the Thuren Fabrication Track Bar is virtually maintenance free. We have chosen the durable and reliable FK Heim joint for our design due to its proven track record.

If you do live in a corrosive environment whether near the ocean or snow/ice controlled salt covered roads we do recommend applying some synthetic grease to the joint to prevent corrosion. With proper maintenance and care the heim joint will perform for 50,000 miles or more. If you find the joint has developed any radial play over the course of its life, replace immediately.