Billing, shipping, and delivery policy

  • We bill your card as soon as you click the "PAY NOW" button, so even if your product(s) shipping is a month out, you pay right away. We understand, and have no problem cancelling and refunding your order if you don't want to wait for an out of stock product.
  • Products noted as "IN-STOCK" may still take a week or so to assemble, package, etc, before shipping. DO NOT EXPECT IN-STOCK PRODUCTS TO ALWAYS SHIP SAME DAY! Contact us pre-purchase to make sure we can ship quickly if needed. Most simple on the shelf pre-boxed products will ship same day, if ordered early in the day.
  • If you pay for expedited shipping, we'll do our best to get that order out same day, but same situation as noted above that if the products are not assembled, that expedited shipping order might not leave the building for a few days.
  • If you pay for expedited shipping and we do our part regarding getting the order out the door, and the carrier does not deliver on time, that situation is between you and the carrier. Please contact them directly if you'd like to file a claim.
  • Free shipping is only for the continental 48 states, and also if your purchase can fit in a Large Flat rate USPS box, then Hawaii, Alaska, and most US territories can choose Free Shipping also.
  • If Free Shipping is chosen, the shipping method and carrier used is at our discretion.
  • The order being processed via free shipping does not guarantee the order is qualified. We will contact you if extra shipping funds are needed to process your order.
  • Products noted as delivered, but seem to be lost or stolen, are not the responsibility of Thuren Fabrication. This issue will be between you and your local delivery carrier to resolve, or between you and your home insurance, etc. Making sure you have a safe drop location is not our responsibility.

Vehicle model options, product fitment, etc.

  • 99.9% of the products we manufacture and sell are for 4 WHEEL DRIVE TRUCKS!! If you have a 2 wheel drive, reach out to us before purchasing, to verify fitment.
  • Our products are designed to fit standard model trucks. If you have an un-common special option vehicle, like a Cab-Chassis truck, or something like that, it is your responsibility to reach out to verify fitment before purchasing. FYI, Cab-Chassis trucks are often very different from a standard chassis. 
  • Other aftermarket parts fitting and functioning with our aftermarket parts, is always a gamble. Be sure to reach out before purchasing, to verify fitment, if you have other brand products already installed.
  • Please be aware we often see weird things pop up at times regarding changes in OEM production. It is impossible to know when a small change will be made at the factory, so if anything comes up regarding a product of ours not fitting, we'll do the best we can to make things right.

Shipments that export out of the USA policy

  • Shipments that cross USA borders into other countries, will most likely be subject to extra duty/tax/costs. We have no control over this, and don't know what these fee's will be. Please be aware of this before ordering.
  • Often we get requested to fill out extra customs forms, after products have been shipped out of the USA. We will not do this. We will provide you an invoice so that you can complete the needed forms yourself.
  • Lost or damaged shipments that cross USA borders are virtually impossible to complete claims on. For this reason, any non-USA shipment claims are not the responsibility of Thuren Fabrication, and will be between the recipient and shipping carrier to resolve.

Return and refund policy

  • We do not have an unconditional money back guarantee. We will honor most all returns for most reasons. That said if the returned product has been installed, the refunded funds will be calculated as fairly as possible, and adjusted by us, at our discretion.
  • Unless the reason for a product return was a mistake on our end, returns originally shipped via Free Shipping will be credited to you minus the true shipping cost, as shipping was paid by us to send the order originally.
  • Package your return well. Product damage obtained during the return process, will be compensated through the credit subtracted from the purchase price. If the product was never opened and/or is in original packaging, there should be no concern in this regard.
  • Unless the reason for a product return was a mistake on our end, returns lost in transit back to us are not our responsibility, and will be between the sender and carrier to resolve.
  • If Thuren Fabrication is responsible for the reason a return was initiated, we will normally supply a return label via email, for you to print out and ship with.
  • If the reason for a return is not an error that Thuren Fabrication is responsible for, the sender must download and complete our return form, then create a shipment on your own to send the product back to us.
  • Most refunds will be processed within 72 hours of product being received here.
  • The refund process will normally take a few days for the money to land in your account, once initiated.