Want to become a dealer?


Not every off-road shop will qualify to become an authorized Dealer/Installer of our products. You must have a well established Off Road/4x4 suspension install shop, or a shop with an established visible history of installing lifts, wheels and tires, etc.

Good reviews are a must. Your shops ability to weld at a high level is a huge plus. You must also have a listed address so we can direct customers to your shop for install of our products.

If you feel you meet those qualifications, please email Don (dthuren@aol.com) links to your location/website/reviews/Facebook/Instagram/etc, for me to assess your business.

Online drop-ship sales is not what our dealer program is for. We sell direct on this website.

Thuren Fabrication dealers/installers will be listed below by state, so that customers can find you to purchase and have a high quality installation performed.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!!! - Don Thuren

Approved DEALERS/installers listed by state