Want to become a Thuren Fabrication installing dealer?

Kindly review all 4 following points, in full, before getting in touch with us.

1) Our Discounted Installing Dealer program aims to connect customers with your business, enabling them to purchase our products through you, for a high quality installation experience. Online sales of our products through your website is not allowed.

2) In order to be listed as an official installing dealer on our website, your business should ideally be a well-established Off Road/4x4 suspension install shop, or at least an automotive business with a very apparent history of working on suspension, installing suspension lifts, or the like. The ability to weld and fabricate in house is a great asset. If your buisness is listed as a Tire Shop, Muffler Shop, Diesel Shop, Oil Change service, etc, be sure you email us some serious proof you regularly do suspension work, with shop photos, Facebook, Instagram, etc evidence.

3) Positive customer reviews are essential, and it is mandatory that you have a listed business address with regular operating hours. This ensures that we can direct customers to your shop for the seamless installation of our products. If your business address and phone number is not listed, limited business history and reviews, etc, we will not set you up at our full dealer discount, and we will not list you as an installer on our website.

4) If you are borderline regarding the above and don't quite fit what is required in full, still reach out with links, pictures, reviews, etc, as we may still have an installer discount option for you.


After reading the above, IN FULL----> Email Don at (dthuren@aol.com) your business information with links to your website, your address, customer reviews, as well as your presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, so we can assess your business.

We eagerly anticipate the possibility of collaborating with you.

Thank you!

Don Thuren