Thuren Fabrication Takes on a Rivian Wheel Design

Thuren Fabrication Takes on a Rivian Wheel Design

Designing The Right Wheel For The Rivian R1T Pickup Truck And R1S SUV

Having the utility and off-road capabilities of a pickup truck or SUV has long been a gas or diesel affair. As technology has been getting better and better, however, the EV or Electric Vehicle market is bringing its own power. With the ever-pushed-back Tesla Cyber Truck and Rivian R1T leading the charge, for some it does beg the question…will I be able to modify these vehicles? Will technology restrict and limit what can be done with these vehicles?

Not everyone likes to take their vehicles to the limit as not everyone likes to modify their vehicle. A vast majority of truck and SUV owners very much like to keep their ride in its stock configuration. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it's nice to have options and technology can get in the way, sometimes.

With an idea and newly acquired Rivian R1T pickup truck, in typical Thuren Fabrication Fashion, Don immediately started the wheels turning (pun intended) on how he could make the R1T better. But where to start?

Modifying Electric Vehicles (EV) And Why Customizing Them Can Be Difficult

Companies like EV Sportline and Unplugged Performance are just a couple of forward thinkers that have dove head-first into the Electric Vehicle market when it comes to modifications. Most EVs are pretty locked down from the factory providing much difficulty when it comes to pe