Confirmed Or Rumor: Will Dodge Be Making An Electric Ram Pickup

Confirmed Or Rumor: Will Dodge Be Making An Electric Ram Pickup

As the rumor mill churns the question remains: will Dodge have an electric Ram in their lineup soon? CEO Mike Koval confirmed that they do have an electric truck on the horizon. The development of the Electric Dodge Ram will be a reality in 2024 (projected).

Not a lot of information beyond the tagline has been released except “the Ram trucks 1500 EV will offer more power, range, convenience, and productivity.” Claims have been made that competitors will be left in the dust as the Ram electrical energy truck rolls into production. Time will tell just how competitive Dodge’s new Ram will be.

We have dug up some more information of the new EV truck and so far it looks to be in the 1500 platform. Will there be a 2500 or 3500 EV version? It could be a great thing if they did come out with the heavy haulers most people want.

The Future Of Dodge And EV Trucks

It was announced around July 8, 2021 at 2021 Stellantis EV Day. The primary purpose of the event is to keep investors and customers updated on the future direction for Dodge Ram Trucks amongst other companies. Stellantis covers 14 different brands and Ram came to the table with some promising news.

As we stated before the information flow is merely a trickle but did mention the Ram EV 1500 will have a drivability range of 500 miles on a single charge. This surpasses all other EV trucks currently on the market.

How Will The 2024 Dodge Ram Ev 1500 Measure Up?

The 1500 EV truck comes with some impressive statistics so far:

  • DC fast charging can charge at a rate of 150kWh of electrical energy
  • Will utilize the STLA frame platform
  • Will maintain a rugged Ram Trucks look with a touch of futurism

No information on the electric motor or how invasive they’ll be. Zero infotainment system information. Dodge is being quite close to the chest on the particulars so we’ll have to wait like the rest of the world for the complete breakdown of information.

Head of Design, Ralf Gilles, has said the STLA framework will provide the perfect platform for unique and advanced design opportunities. He said, “there are some pretty cool looking Ram Trucks coming so stay tuned!” Design and styling are always a plus but will the performance stand up to what current Dodge Ram owners have come to expect from the rugged and reliable pickup? Will suspension modifications still be an option?

Ev Market And How It Affects The True Off-Road Enthusiast?

As Ram trucks are throwing down the gauntlet against such rivals as the Rivian R1T and the ever futuristic Tesla Cyber Truck, it is a major concern of just how much can be modified on the new Ram EV 1500 and will the 2500/3500 even be considered.

Current Ram owners love to tow heavy 5th-wheel trailers and drive their trucks off-road as they see it was intended. Modifying the suspension is almost a certainty when someone purchases a Dodge Ram, whether its a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gen it seems to be on the menu very quickly.

Increasing the capability and performance brings a smile to the face of Ram owners with a cult-like following across message boards and Facebook Groups alike. Passing information between each other to get the best possible ride and improved suspension geometry has far surpassed that of the daily driver.

As The Wheel Turns

At this time this is all we can offer in the way of the future of EV Ram trucks. As the development and production of the EV market progresses more information will come out and we’ll keep you up to date. EV trucks are an exciting possibility but the aftermarket crowd is a bit concerned with the options they’ll have.