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Image of Thuren Fabrication 2013-2022 Dodge Ram 3500 Front Track Bar Heim End
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2013-2022 Dodge Ram 3500 Front Track Bar Delrin Side
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2013-2022 Dodge Ram 3500 Front Track Bar Delrin Bushing
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2013-2024 Dodge Ram 3500 Front Track Bar


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  • 2013+ 3500 SRW and DRW
  • 2014+ 2500 Dodge Rams
  • 2014+ Power Wagons
  • May fit Chassis-Cab trucks. Reach out before purchasing.
  • Does not function with larger aftermarket diff covers.

  • First place to start if your vehicle has ANY strange handling traits.
  • Made from 1.50"x3/8" wall 1026 DOM tube.
  • Delrin machined frame side bushing.
  • CNC machined form threaded Heim joint tube end.
  • Bead blast textured, then highest quality Powder Coated.
  • Adjustable length (within spec)
  • Grease fitting for frame bushing.
  • Extreme duty FK Teflon lined rod end at axle side.

The OEM 2013+ Track Bar has been upgraded from the previous 2003-2013 design, and is not "absolutely mandatory" to replace right away on a new truck, as previously suggested. If you're nearing 20,000 miles on the OEM Trackbar, it's a good idea to plan on getting our Trackbar as an upgrade.

Our Trackbar is designed to be VERY rigid. Often people will think that having a rigid track bar will give steering vibration and rattle. This is simply not true being that the Trackbar is technically a steering support. You want and steering supports to be as low deflection as possible.

Note on 2019+ trucks: While a rare occurrence, our trackbar can at times slightly rub the 2019+ Aluminum bolt-on frame side mount. This contact is VERY slight if at all, and causes no issue. If yours touches and you want to have zero contact at that location, a 30 second job with a flat file can provide all the clearance needed.

Trackbar replacement parts can be found here.

Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication 2013-2022 Front Trackbar Instructions

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 62 reviews
    Excellent service and quality

    I had a bit of an emergency where I went into the ditch on ice and bent my factory track bar in my Ram 3500 diesel that I need for work. Did some quick research and Thuren had the kind of reputation for quality that I appreciate. I called and talked to zeb who was very helpful, answered my tech questions and was a huge help sending my track bar next day air.
    The install was quick, getting the original out was a bit complicated by the fact that it bent so much that it bound in its mounts.
    The truck now handles a bit better - steering is noticably improved and more precise. The Thuren track bar is obviously much stronger than the original, in materials and by design. On a diesel Ram especially, with it's extremely heavy engine this track bar is a considerable improvement.

    Levon Bye

    2013-2024 Dodge Ram 3500 Front Track Bar

    William Wells
    Track bar 2018 3500 DRW

    Awesome product, well built, Install was easy, Instructions well written.

    Timothy Edgar
    Wicked product

    This is my second one and is even better because it came pre adjusted.

    Cameron Carter

    2013-2024 Dodge Ram 3500 Front Track Bar