If you have a 2005-2009 Power Wagon, you most likely know what you have. They are a unique and capable truck! If you are new to the Power Wagon platform, here is some information for you below.

These trucks are essentially built off the Ram 2500 Chassis, with some added cool features that set it aside from the normal 2500 platform. Below are additions that separate the Power Wagon from the standard 2500. I’m probably missing a few things!

  • Front Sway Bar that can electronically disconnect.
  • The front Sway Bar links are different also.
  • Factory equipped with a Recovery Winch mounted behind the front bumper.
  • Softer front coil springs providing more suspension travel and flex.
  • Softer less-progressive rear leaf springs, giving more travel and flex.
  • The truck sits about 1.5” taller front and rear.
  • Locking differentials front and rear.
  • Lower ratio differential gearing.
  • Has Cab Lights above the windshield in most instances.
  • Factory wheels have a few millimeters less Positive Offset.
  • Only comes with the Gas engine. No Diesel option.
  • Comes with more frame Skid Plates to protect components.
  • Comes with a skid protector under the Steering Damper.

Aside from our Sway Bar links and our front Bumpers, even though we have a Power Wagon dedicated section on the website, all the components listed are the same as the 2500 components, with at times just slight differences in lift height outcomes and some other small details. The Power Wagon really is basically a Ram 2500 Hemi with some cool upgrades integrated from the factory!