How Does Component Play And Flex Affect Steering?

Handling issues can come from a variety of sources. As soon as your truck rolls off the assembly line, the clock is ticking for every moving component. The thing to remember is all component play is compounded throughout the suspension assembly. A deflection of 1/16 of an inch movement in the track bar bushing can compound through component connection, resulting into handling problems for your truck.

The 2003-2013 Dodge Ram Trucks have rubber/soft bushings and exaggerated bends on the trackbar stock from the factory. In our opinion, your track bar is a mandatory upgrade simply due to its poor design. The 2 piece design bushing immediately starts to break down. If the factory choice was a solid unit it does not account for the flexion in the OEM track bar shape or material.

OEM Track Bar Vs Thuren Fabrication Track Bar

What Is A Track Bar And Why Is It Important?

Death Wobble in its simplest definition is a violent and rapid oscillation of a truck's steering components that ultimately makes your steering wheel whip from side to side. What do track bars have to do with Death Wobble? The track bar is the key component for tracking your steering components. Keeping them in line and under control is its main function.

Because the track bar is the only supporting component for your steering assembly it plays a major role and without it you wouldn’t make it out of your driveway. As you steer left the track bar is compressed and vice versa steer to the right and the track bar is stretched.

With a flexible track bar or worn-out components i.e. bushings, bearings, hardware, etc death wobble or oscillation is possible. When this happens, gripping your steering wheel tighter can actually make the situation worse and in some cases, the only remedy is to slowly and safely pull to the side of the road and assess.

A rigid track bar design is the mechanical remedy taking into consideration other components that might be a contributing factor. Replacing the flimsy stock unit with a  Thuren Fabrication Track Bar, the input you apply to the steering wheel will directly translate to the wheels.

Myth: Solid Track Bar Joints Will Make Steering Rough

As we addressed above, the track bar needs to be solid in design to truly translate input into reaction at the wheels. Vibration absorbing bushings are required for control arms and various components but when it comes to steering components it should be as tight a setup as possible and in this regard, the track bar could arguably be defined as a steering component. Its flexion or rigidity directly affects the performance of the steering assembly.

Centering The Front Axle After A 2-3" Lift

The idea of centering your axle is just idea. In reality, a perfectly centered front axle is a pipe dream. To bridge the gap, our track bar has been through hours of real-world research and development to achieve as close to perfect as possible. To achieve closer to center front axle position, our track bar would need to be longer. Metal to metal contact with attaching components and hardware as the suspension is bottomed out will be a result. This is an undesired and unfavorable result therefore the TF track bar length is set to achieve maximum performance and durability.

With a 3 inch lift installed on your truck, the maximum allowable track bar length you can have is 39 ⅛ inches. This is the straight-line measurement, center-to-center of the rod ends. A track bar that is longer would cause damage to attaching components and hardware. Understand that the axle assembly is not perfectly centered at this measurement and will handle great!

Track Bar Info Regarding Lifts Taller Than 3"

Lift kits larger than 3 inches will come with a track bar drop bracket more often than not. The Thuren Fabrication Trackbar will usually fit these drop brackets. If supplied with your lift kit, the drop bracket must be used. If your lift kit is between 4-6 inches, expect the drop bracket to be roughly 3 inches in length.

We do not recommend modifying the lift kit you have ordered but we also understand that some might choose to do so. If this is the case we do have some recommendations to retail fit, form, and most importantly function.

We do not recommend a larger than 4-inch bias in track bar drop from the factory mounting point in relation to lift height. Our track bar can work with and up to a 4-inch lift but we do