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1994-2002 Thuren Fabrication Modular Front Bumper


Regular price $1,000.00

We really pushed the envelope with our 2nd Gen Bumper!
The tips of the factory frame have literally the weakest bumper mounting we've ever seen, so there was no way we were going to bolt a respectable bumper on these trucks while using only the OEM mounting locations.

When you take the weight of the truck into consideration, any bumper bolted to the OEM mounting point is just cosmetic, and in no way can truly protect the truck.
Below are details explaining the bumper components, what's included, why we're selling it in sections, etc.


  • This is the base foundation of the bumper. It cradles the entire lower frame front section going all the way back to the Swaybar frame mounts while also creating a skid plate to help protect internal components. We designed it this way to add height and triangulation to the assembly so that if/when you take a hit to the front of the bumper, everything is supported and won't easily fold back and damage every component mounted to the core support.
  • The Cradle Base is the main game changer regarding our 2nd Gen bumper design. We are offering this cradle by itself, for people that want to finish fabricating their own bumper off of this foundation. A tube bumper built off this cradle would be great!
  • All supplied cradles are the same, so they also include the Shackle Mounts, knock-out plate for a winch Fairlead (you need to drill for a Fairlead bolt holes if you want one), vent/access holes, and the winch bolt pattern on the underside if you want to add our Weld-In Crossmember kit.


  • Our crossmember will allow you to fit the more compact winches in the same high approach angle bumper. Very "Power Wagon esque." You are not going to fit a big spool 16.5k Warn or 25K winch.
  • As welding/fab jobs go, the weld in crossmember is a process. One vertical cut through each side of the OEM crossmember, clean off the paint, tack new crossmember in place, final weld around each end, paint, and done.
  • This crossmember also bolts to the bumper cradle, which creates an even more bomb proof combo! We recommend tacking the crossmember in place with the center Main Cradle bolted up for alignment.

Winches that fit:


  • If you wanted to build your own tube outers, the lower Cradle plus the upper is also a great place to build from!
  • Upper center can hold a 30" light bar or 6 pod lights.


  • These don't need much description. Super strong bolt on outers, that match the design of our other Dodge Ram bumpers. One single Pod Light can fit in each one.


  • This price is discounted at the maximum rate and dealer pricing does not currently qualify.
  • This is an introductory price that will go up about 20% once we confirm multiple truck fitment.
  • Plan on about 2 - 3 weeks to ship.
  • Does not fit with the Sport Grill, as it dips lower in the center.
  • Shipped raw steel, ready for paint or coating.
  • Ships FREE UPS ground in the 48 states!
  • We're not sure at this time if Gearbox braces will play nice, but they should.
  • OEM swaybar might not fit.
  • Not all winches fit. Check the list above.
  • Crossmember kit is a "Weld in kit" so be aware of that.
  • Upper Center section internal bracing doubles as a light mount rail.
  • Outer bolt on ends are boxed on the backside for ultimate strength.
  • Integrated BOMB PROOF shackle mounts. Prototypes are shown in the pictures
  • Includes hardware and a 7/8"(1" dia pin) shackle.

Product Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Johnson
Just an amazing bumper!

I’ve been waiting for someone to build this for years. I have been tirelessly looking for a solid bumper for a 2nd gen Dodge that will accommodate a winch AND light bar and be super strong, not just good looking. Thuren absolutely crushed it with this thing! Bombproof doesn’t really do it justice. Anybody who has had a bumper off the 2nd gens will know how flimsy the frame horns are on the front. This thing ties in the existing bumper mounts with the crossmember and wraps around to also bolt in further back at the swap bar mounts. Incredibly well engineered. Hats off to you guys! And the fit, PERFECT! Didn’t have to fuss around with getting it adjusted.
I also installed an Apex 12000 lb. winch from Harbor Freight and it fit fine after slightly modifying the clutch lever and relocating the control box. Through a little bit of creativity I was also able to still fit the control box inside the bumper.
I had zero issues with my existing steering box brace and factory sway bar.
If anyone is looking for a 2nd gen bumper, stop looking. This is the best one you will find. Don’t hesitate.
Thanks so much to the Thuren crew for showing some love to the 2nd gens!

Anders Zway
Outstanding, Perfect Fit, Easy Install, Worth It!

For the last year I’ve been periodically searching for a good looking low profile bumper that can house a winch inside it for my 2nd Dodge Ram 2500. For the life of me I couldn’t fine one, until Thuren released theirs. It was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered it. It arrived. Immediately I was impressed with the quality, the welds, and the recovery points / shackle point are crazy bomb proof. Extremely great quality, but it’s Thuren so thats not a shock. The install was simple and cutting out the old crossmember and welding in the new one is not hard. You just want to be sure not to cut too much of the old cross member out. Be conservative and carful. Once I welded in the crossmember the rest of the install was very simple, just bolts together. The fitment is dead on perfect.

Something to note, was able to fit a Badlands Apex 12,000lbs winch, with minor modification. I relocated the electrical box to the back side of the welded in crossmember to allow the winch to fit below the core support. I also had to grid down the winch clutch level for it to fit below the core support. You could weld up you own low profile handle for the winch clutch too - which ill end up doing at some point. Making a custom one would make reaching the clutch lever easier too. BUT I was extremely happy to fit the Badlands Apex winch in.

I can confirm that the bumper fits just fine with my steering box brace.

The bumper is worth the price and I am very happy with mine.