Thuren Fabrication 10-12 Modular Front Bumper Truck Img 1
Thuren Fabrication Modular Bumper Center Section img 5
Thuren Fabrication Modular Bumper Internal View Center Section
Thuren Fabrication Modular Bumper LH Wing
Thuren Fabrication Modular Bumper RH Wing
Thuren Fabrication Internal View Modular Bumper
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2010-2012 Modular Front Bumper Hardware Kit

2010-2012 Thuren Fabrication Modular Front Bumper


Regular price $2,300.00

  • Build To Order product, so plan on about 2-3 weeks to ship.
  • Shipped raw steel, ready for paint or coating.
  • If you have park sensors, those must be disconnected.
  • Our 3 piece modular design, lets the bumper ship normal UPS ground, in 2 large boxes.
  • Even using .187" thick steel, it only adds 35lbs to the weight of the truck
  • Center section internal bracing doubles as a light mount rail.
  • Outer bolt on wings are boxed on the backside for ultimate strength.
  • Integrated tow/recovery shackle mounts are Bomb Proof.
  • High clearance design for off-road function and increased approach angle.
  • Frame mount fully clamps each frame rail, so the bumper will never shift.
  • Includes 7/8"(1" dia pin) shackle.

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