2014-2024 Dodge Ram 2500 Boogie Bump Stops
2014-2024 Dodge Ram 2500 Boogie Bump Stops
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 Boogie Bump Pair Spacer Plates
2014-2024 Dodge Ram 2500 Boogie Bump Stops

2014-2024 Dodge Ram 2500 Boogie Bump Stops

SKU: TF-9424-BBUMPV2-FT0-3

Regular price $280.00


  • 2014-2024 Ram 2500
  • 2014-2024 Power Wagon
  • Does not fit the rear if you have Airbags Installed


  • Sold in Pairs
  • 3"+ of energy absorbing travel.
  • Soft engagement, while extremely progressive 
  • Highest quality Foam Urethane available
  • Stainless Steel mounting base
  • Easy Install

    2/1/2024 - These are our new V2 Front Boogie Bumps redesigned to fit a broader range of truck years, while having a cleaner and more simple mounting system. The new Foam Urethane material used is more durable, and is a more progressive design.

         Our Boogie Bumps are not your typical hard Rubber stops, and are in fact a High-Performance active part of your suspension system, drastically improving comfort on larger bumps. The cellular foam used functions somewhat like memory foam, drastically reducing bounce when you inevitably do bottom out. These may look like normal rubber or Polyurethane bump stops but they are far more advanced!

         Their very soft engagement makes it so that, within reason, the feeling of bottoming out your suspension is almost completely erased. Even under the most extreme punishment Off-Roadmany people actually prefer our Boogie Bumps over actual mechanical Nitrogen charged Hydro-Bumps, as you virtually never get a metal-to-metal bottom out feeling.

         Another point to consider with our Boogie Bumps, is the amount of energy they absorb when you bottom out the suspension, instead of transferring that energy directly to the front axle. If your truck never leaves the pavement there is not much risk of bending your front axle, but if you do go Off-Road, and your front axle does not have a welded in truss, bending the axle is always a risk. If you don't plan on welding in an axle truss, these bump stops can provide a ton of extra comfort, while also possibly saving your front axle from getting permanently damaged.


    Customer Reviews

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    Dylan Wheeler

    The form, fit and function are NIGHT and DAY better. Installation was super easy and straight forward, perfect compliment to the Thuren front leveling springs, tuned struts and track bar I've installed. Quit wasting time, and order

    Great customer and extremely knowledgeable!

    Andrew is top notch, very helpful and goes above and beyond. Happy and proud to be a customer.

    Jeff Coxen
    Only the best for my truck!

    Once again Thuren kills the game with its amazing products! Wouldn’t buy anything else but thuren for my power wagon!

    Boogie bumps

    These things are rad! One of the best upgrades, especially for the price. Highly recommend.

    Boogie Bumps

    Easy install and seem to work great. I removed airbags and didn’t have stock bumps so I can’t compare the two.