3" Soft Ride Diesel coil springs are the perfect blend of a soft ride, high performance, and great control.

3" Soft Ride Diesel Front Coils

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Our soft rate coil springs are the perfect blend of a soft ride, high performance, and great control. Resist buying into the Progressive/Multi rate hype as these are single rate LINEAR coils for a reason. They ride and function better! Ask around and you'll find these are the best riding highest quality coils you can get.


  • Sold in Pairs
  • 4 Wheel Drive Solid Axle 4 link trucks
  • Does not fit the 2013 Ram 3500.

Approximate lift heights for applicable vehicles:

  • 2010-2013 DIESEL QUAD CAB = 2.875" LIFT
  • 2010-2013 DIESEL MEGACAB = 2.625" LIFT
  • 2007.5-2009 DIESEL QUAD CAB = 3.00" LIFT
  • 2007.5-2009 DIESEL MEGACAB = 2.875" LIFT
  • 2003-2007 DIESEL QUAD CAB = 3.125" LIFT
  • 2006-2007.5 DIESEL MEGACAB = 3.00" LIFT
  • 1995-2002 DIESEL QUAD CAD = 3.75" LIFT

Customer Reviews

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John Tullous
Great product

I put the 3" soft ride on my 07 megacab and noticed a good difference right away on the street. I recently took a trip to Glamis sand dunes and more really impressed with how good these coils felt. I also have the high clearance short control arms but it is a great combo. 3" coils, control arms, track bar and 2.0 fox resi and rode like a dream. Long travel leafs and 2.0 fox resi out back.

Colten Sparkman
3” soft ride coils

Rides like a totally different truck I love it

3” soft ride springs

Excellent product. Definitely notice a better ride quality. I do recommend purchasing these springs.

Jason Hill
3 inch coil springs

These are the best riding springs ever. I have tried many different lifts in the past, BDS, Fabtech, regretted each one afterwards, ride and drive sucked. But these coils are hands down the best ride ever.

Mike Rhinehart

3" Soft Ride Diesel Front Coils