Image of Thuren Fabrication 2003-2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Active Rate Sway Bar

2003-2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Active Rate Sway Bar


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Our Swaybar is a softer rate than the stock unit, allowing the axle to move more independently side to side. This smooths out off camber bumps, pot holes, and even simply turning into a drive way.


  • Sway bar
  • Frame mounts
  • End links
  • Mounting hardware


  • Uses no solid joints like Heim joints or solid bushings. In this application, Heims can become noisy very early in the life-cycle, with the Swaybar moving so much.
  • 6 grease Zerk fittings used throughout the assembly.
  • Same proven JKS Poly orbital joints as used on our other Swaybar Links.
  • Not recommended if you have a much higher center of gravity. For example, a slide in camper, or a heavy Roof Top Tent(RTT) equipped Overlanding build.
  • Our Active Rate Sway Bar functions great with heavy Gooseneck and 5th wheel towing, heavy weight in the bed below the top rail, or heavy weight on the bumper receiver hitch.
  • May interfere with some steering box braces, check your brace to make sure a straight bar will clear.

    Product Installation Instructions

    Thuren Fabrication 2003-2013 Active Swaybar Instructions

    Customer Reviews

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    charles young
    active sway bar

    Thuren Fab has done it again and that is improve on what the factory can't on suspension and steering components.I have 782,000 miles on this service truck with the addition of the active sway bar and links the truck feels,corners and drives the mountain roads and two lanes better than ever.I first found Thuren when looking for a track bar for a 97 dodge service truck to eliminate the Death Wobble and your product provided that.I have told everyone that asks that Thuren Fab and there products are the best in the industry.I want to thank everyone at Thuren for allowing me to drive the miles i have driven with confidense,comfort and safety that your products have given me.I think your tech articles are spot on too.Keep up the awesome R & D and I will keep sending you business.

    Brandon Ross
    Best Sway Bar Available.

    Thuren has alot of technology behind all the parts they make/ sell for the rams. They are the best parts on the market.

    Sam Jones
    Thuren..... enough said

    Just adding this sway bar to my fully Thuren equipped 3500. Haven't been installed it yet but have no doubts it will be a great addition to the already amazingly improved ride.

    Sway bar A+

    This is the piece that tied the system together for me. I have a 2012 Ram 3500 with 3" soft ride springs, trac bar with 18mm bolts (Thuren) and metal cloak control arms. The sway bar was the last piece of the puzzle to give me a great ride, wish I did it earlier. Also have EMF ball joints and yukon spindles.

    Jordan Buckler

    Night and day difference. The ride after installed is so smooth plus the Thuren trac bar makes it even better, great combination I would 100% recommend.