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2003-2013 High Performance Leaf Spring Shackles


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When performance leaf springs are added to your truck, the extension and compression of the leaf springs length can bind up the tight rubber OEM shackle bushing. Removing every bit of friction counts.

Thuren Shackles were originally designed as the key component to our Long Travel extended Leafs, but will fit any truck with OEM or aftermarket leafs. As an added benefit, we added the ability to tune the rear suspension height with three mounting positions.


  • 2003-2013 4x4 2500
  • 2003-2012 4x4 3500
  • 2005-2013 Power Wagons.


  • Sold in Pairs
  • The grease-able 75D bushing at the shackle pivot provides smooth bind-free shackle swing.
  • 3 position height adjustable,  when used with OEM or other brand leafs. Stock height, 3/4" lift, and 1-3/4" lift options.
  • Thuren LT leafs must use the longest span mounting, so they become non-height adjustable with Thuren Long Travel leafs installed.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jamie Toews

    Great product. Lifted the back of my Power Wagon up just the right amount to make up for all the camping gear and GFC.

    Matt F.

    2003-2013 High Performance Leaf Spring Shackles

    Keith Hart

    2003-2013 High Performance Leaf Spring Shackles

    All the Grease

    Keep pumping grease until they won’t take no more. Or you’ll be listening to them squawk.

    Noisy but good

    They get 5 stars because they are functional and well built structurally. Put these on my 05 2500 with the 3” coils in the front and set the shackles at the highest lift. Truck sits exactly level now on 33’s and looks great. Good lord are these things noisy though. Slam full of grease they will be quiet for about 500 miles and then one speed bump and its back to squeaking over every groove in the road. I can only imagine how loud it is outside the cab since I can hear it in the cab over the drone of my 5.9… might need a self lubricating bushing of some sort. If they made a fix for the noise I would definitely buy them again.