1999-2002 Dodge Ram Alien Long Arms
Image of Thuren Fabrication 1999-2002 Dodge Ram Alien Long Arms Upper Arms
1999-2002 Dodge Ram Alien Long Arms

1999-2002 Dodge Ram Alien Long Arms


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While these may be noted out of stock, we generally have everything in-house ready to go, just waiting on final assembly and packaging. Most orders will ship within a week or two, or less, after your order is placed. Thank you!


  • NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING!! : With the varying shapes of the 2nd Gen frame, you will need to do a bit of fitment adjusting and grinding to the brackets shape. Each side bracket may take 15min of adjusting.
  • If you have a 1998-2000 model year truck, it would be a good idea to check your trucks actual control arm bolt sizes, as we have seem them vary by truck production year.
  • The 1994-1998 option will have 12mm bolts(the thread/shank diameter not the bolt head wrench size) for the upper arms, and 14mm bolts for the lower.
  • The 1999-2002 model option will be 14mm upper bolts, and 16mm lower bolts.

If you order and receive the incorrect size arms, we are not responsible for return costs.


  • Our long arms allow the axle to move in a more vertical motion, greatly improving ride quality compared to the factory OEM short-arm design.
  • Fits with ZERO to 6" of lift.
  • Optimum suspension cycle path, to reduce roll-steer while keeping a bit of anti-dive, and easing driveline vibration.
  • Must be welded to frame, and OEM control arm mounts cut off/removed.
  • Uses Thuren machined self-centering 17-4 hardened stainless orbital joint pivots with .PTMEG Poly joints. EASY and cheap to rebuild if/when needed!
  • 0.00mm Offset wheels provide full turning radius with Toyo 37x13.5 MT tires. +18mm offset wheels will rub the paint a bit with 37x13.5 tire, but will be tolerable.
  • Arms come powder-coated and assembled, while the brackets are raw steel for welding.

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