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2013-2023 Dodge Ram 3500 Alien Radius Arms


Regular price $1,600.00

If IN-STOCK, these will still regularly take about a week to package and ship. If noted out of stock, plan on about 4-5 weeks to ship.

  • Easy 3 bolt installation per side
  • Constructed from laser cut 3/16" steel, with 3 layers of added internal gusseting.
  • Turning clearance maintained with 37x12.5 tires on factory +57mm offset wheels with zero rub at full steering lock*
  • Turning clearance maintained with 40x13.5 tires on +18mm offset wheels with zero rub  at full steering lock*
  • Uses proven OEM rubber rear pivot bushings
  • Multiple hole mounting positions for limiting-straps, if needed
  • Maintains factory OEM alignment and axle placement geometry, so they function great from 0-3.5" of lift
  • Does fit the 2014-2023 Power Wagon, but be sure to read the below notes.

*You will need the Thuren High Clearance Sway Bar, and you must replace/modify/trim your fender and liner/rocker seam, to take full advantage of a larger tire size and new turning radius ability.

Power Wagon fitment details: This arm fits the Power Wagon perfectly, but you will loose some articulation with the Swaybar disconnected. You will gain some better road manners with our arm, and gain similar turning radius advantages, but only if your OEM Radius Arms are the first point of tire contact. The second point of contact will still be the OEM swaybar, so the turning radius gains will not be identical to the 2500/3500 regardless, so long as the OEM swaybar is retained. Naturally, our arm is much stronger than the OEM Power Wagon radius arm.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Taylor A Browning
    2022 ram 3500 - alien radius arms

    I have everything Thuren offers for the front end of my truck, except for these. I ordered because my wheels were rubbing the stock arms. Shipped and received very quickly as usual. Installed which was also very easy to do if you are mechanically inclined, then had the truck re aligned. Very impressed, I don’t know if it changed the ride quality but it sure feels like it. Thank you again for a wonderful product.

    Robert Miller
    Awesome Alien Arms

    I was pleasantly surprised to get the Alien Arms for my 2014 Ram 3500 in such a short time as everything these days is back ordered. I was very happy with the quality of the arms and service from Thuren. The installation was straight forward. The Alien Arms look awesome and have had several people want to take a look at them . Thank you Thuren Fabrication. P.S I have the Thuren Track Bar and Sway bar. All three are first rate.

    Dave Smith
    Thuren FTW

    Amazing craftsmanship, easier install. Took me longer to unpack them out of the boxes than it took to install on the truck. All my trucks will run nothing but thuren products.