Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 Bilstein 5100 Front Kit

2014-2024 Dodge Ram 2500 Bilstein 5100 Front Leveling Kit


Regular price $980.00

This Leveling Kit includes:

  • Thuren Front Soft Ride Coils
  • Front Trackbar
  • Bilstein 5100 front shocks

Be sure to choose your coil springs lift height wisely. Additional help with coil height choice can also be found on the individual front coil springs pages.

Rear shocks are available on the Ram 2500 Bilstein shocks page.

   • 2.75" LIFT DIESEL SKU: RAFC25-13UP
   • 2.00" LIFT DIESEL SKU: 14ULRFC-2H3
   • 1.00" LIFT DIESEL SKU: 14ULRFC-1H2
   • 3.00" LIFT GAS  SKU: 14ULRFC-2H3
   • 2.00" LIFT GAS  SKU: 14ULRFC-1H2

Customer Reviews

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Derrick Spoelhof
Awesome kit

Kit is everything I was looking for. Super simple to install, has about 1/2" of rake still, but that's what I was hoping for. The spring and shock combo rides significantly better than stock.

Tyler Roberts
2.75 leveling kit

Super easy install great customer service very happy with the quality of the parts

Tyler Kramer
2.75" Leveling kit 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel Cummins

I went with the 2.75" kit because I wanted something a little taller than just a level. I paired this with the Thuren Dual rate rear coils, Thuren sway bar, Thuren Rear trackbar, Thuren 2500 rear shims, Fox ATS steering stabilizer and Bilstein shocks for Thuren rear coil. all of this took my suspension techs at a Dodge Dealership 7 hours to install with alignment. I work here at a Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership and was able to watch the techs install it/ ask them their thoughts on the kit and both techs working on this agreed all of the parts are really high quality and well thought out. Zeb at Thuren has been beyond helpful and worked with me for a few months before I pulled the trigger on this kit, I owe the man a drink lol. One of the things I was comparing is Carli to Thuren and every time I saw a truck pull in to service with a Carli or Thuren kit I would walk out and talk to the owners about their thoughts/ experience's with the brand, install and ride quality. One thing I found time and time again was, Carli owners seemed to consistently have some negative remark of their experience/ride, not one person I spoke with that owned a Thuren product had anything negative to say. This was is what sealed the deal for me. But to speak about the ride quality, this thing is a completely different animal in the best ways you can imagine. I was worried that a softer spring or more flexible sway bar would effect how it corned at high speed but it actually made it more predicable in my opinion. at first I had accidentally had the steering stabilizer adjusted to its stiffest setting and I was getting a crazy wander on the highway, I tried messing with it over the course of a few days and found click 6 on factory tires and click 8-9 on 37" Toyo RT Trail tires made it feel like it was on rails and the wander was gone, like seriously even on 37's I can do 80+ over terrible roads and so long as is there isn't a large crown or cross wind, this thing will track straight/ perfect regardless of how bad the road surface is or how big the cracks are.

Couldn't be happier!!

for anyone like me trying to decide on wheel offset without major trimming, I did a 20x9 0 offset KMC wheel on a 37x12.5R20 Toyo RT Trail and it has the perfect amount of stance for the wider fender flares that the new 2500 Rebel gets. Trimming was minimal and rubbing has only happened once lightly at full lock in reverse, was just touching the plastic fender liner, not the Pinch weld. Easy fix.

I planned this build to go with the Bilstein shocks for the kit and order the Fox 2.5 DSC shocks later so I would have a second set of shocks (Bilstein) to drive on when I have to rebuild the Fox shocks. Hopefully I have a while before that's needed but with AZ heat, dust/rocks... you never know lol. just mentioning this for anyone debating on doing the big boy shocks up front, never hurts to have back ups.

to the team at Thuren, Thank you!!

2" level kit

Quality parts. These guys really know what they are doing when they build this stuff.
Installed the 2" soft ride coils and trac bar with bilstein 5100s all the way around. Front end rides much better than stock and really soaks up the bumps. Very impressed with how the parts were packaged for shipping. Would recommend thuren fabrication to anyone.

Felipe Ferreira
Thuren Leve Kit

Installed Thuren 2" level kit, was disappointed in the ride definitely rougher than stock. I assumed it would ride comparable to stock, when i emailed tech support, they said Bilstein shocks are definitely firmer than fox. In description on the kit, you should state that Bilstein shocks are firmer than stock., if you want a softer ride, you should purchase Fox shocks.