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Daystar Airbag Cradles

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This unique product will recover your lost suspension droop-travel while keeping all the benefits you want in a set of air bags.

Made in America from Daystar's High-Density Polyurethane, the Air Bag Cradle is guaranteed to perform as long as you own your truck.


  • Fits and functions with most common brand 6" diameter air bags.
  • If you have any specific questions regarding other off-brand airbags, or different diameter airbag fitment, please reach out to Daystar with those questions.


  • Daystar brand universal product.
  • Allows air-bag to sit on top of the axle instead of being hard mounted to it.
  • Some drilling and fitting may be required.
  • We supply stainless bolts and flange nuts in our kits
  • Made from extremely tough Daystar Polyurethane

Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication Daystar Airbag Cradle Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Scott K Davis

Have not installed yet.

Allows your HD truck to be a wheeler & a heavy hauler

With the US-made Daystar cradles I am able to retain the ability to use my Firestone air bags when hauling or towing as well as go out and wheel the truck. You regain your axle articulation without the worry of causing any damage to your expensive airbags. When out doing difficult trails I will pancake/deflate the bags completely so they are up and out of the way. If geared up with my overland & tent setup in the bed I keep 10-15lbs in the bags to "smooth things out" but still have decent articulation thanks to the cradles. Highly recommended along with all of Thuren's components.

Robert VanSickle
Great product

Let's suspension travel and move as intended. Great product.

Clinton Renshaw
Should have bought these along time ago

These are great. Install wasn’t too bad on a 2021 Ram. Had to drill a hole for the mounting bolt that was about it. Works great. And the best price I’ve seen for them are here.