FOX 2.0 ATS DAMPER RAM 3500 (2013-2022)

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Fox's timeline on these keeps changing, and as of today they are telling us the next order we'll receive, will be near the end of December 2021. Orders will ship in the order they come in. So sorry for Fox's delays!

Fox 2.0 ATS (Adjustable-through-shaft) steering damper, specific for the 2013+ Ram 2500/3500/Power Wagon trucks!

  • Does not fit the solid front axle 2 wheel drive trucks.
  • This is the adjustable version. Choose the TS(Through-shaft) version if you want the more affordable option.
  • Through-shaft technology prevents any internal pressure from inducing steering push/pull.
  • ATS version here uses metal bearing ends and is externally adjustable.
  • ATS version damping force with wide-open adjuster feels similar to the TS version. You can easily turn the flathead screw click adjuster to stiffen it up if you like. This version is great for larger tires that tend to have a little more wobble, as in the firmer settings it is much more effective than the TS version.
  • Comes with bracket shown, needed for installation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Peter Wilcox
Works great on oversized tires

Installed a week ago. So far it’s working great. Feels completely different then stock. No more violent steering wheel jerk when I hit a pothole.

Axel Ericson
Fox 2.0 ats damper on 2020 ram 3500

I just talked to Chris today 8/9/2021 about the fox 2.0 damper and what a difference it made for the truck. I live in south dakota and most our roads our wash board style roads and was night and day difference. Having that adjustability on it makes a huge difference. Let alone I had just installed new coil springs,sway bar, and track bar along with fox 2.0 shocks the truck rides and drives 100 times better I would recommend all there products to anyone that is want there truck to drive and ride 100 time better. Thanks again for all your help and assistance.

Michael Gallegos
Great Fox 2.0 ATS

Got fairly quick, Installed in 10 minutes. Adjusted after 1st test drive, works awesome!

J Lee
Better than the rest!

The through shaft design is pretty slick as it allows for even push in both directions unlike the majority of your traditional stabilizers. The adjustability is nice to be able to fine tune the front end to your driving conditions and preference. It is by far the most effective steering stabilizer I’ve ever used. This is one upgrade that I was forced into due to availability that I don’t regret. My only complaint is that the decals fell off in just a few days, kind of pathetic given the price.