Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Power Wagon Front Coils

2014-2024 Power Wagon Front Coils


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Thuren Fabrication soft-rate coil springs are the perfect blend of a soft ride, high performance, and great control. Starting with the 2014 Power Wagon, Dodge decided to design the front coil spring mounts at an angle.

This presented major design problems, as the coil has a very hard time standing straight, without a massive bend in the coil when loaded. Regardless, with some tricky engineering we were able to combat the angled seats and design a coil which stands very straight when installed, especially when compared to the factory Power Wagon coils.


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Be sure you measure Your Specific Truck to find the lift height you would like.
  • 6% stiffer than the OEM coils without losing any travel.
  • If not purchasing our shocks to work with these coils, please contact us to make sure your shocks will function properly. Even aftermarket shocks per application for a leveling kit with stock coils, will not work properly, as they are much too short at full extension and the damping rates are way off.
  • Each 5160 alloy spring is fully CNC computer formed and tested using the most high-tech manufacturing processes.
  • Designed to still use factory compression/bump travel. No bump drops needed.
  • No radius arm drops required, these coils are designed around the OEM bump travel constraints.
  • Proven Linear rate design, just like all of our other coils, to provide consistent feel through the range of motion.



Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication RAFC Instructions

14ULRFC-2H3 = TF350G
14ULRFC-1H2 = TF351

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Loren Bruckhart
Thuren 1.5 Front Coil Springs

15 PW Thuren 1.5" front lift coils. Simple install. Truck finally sits the way I like. Great product, arrived on time and was straight forward install.

Derek English
Awesome Products

Just finished with Leveling Springs, Fox 2.0 shocks, and Rear Track Bar on my 2021 Ram 75A Power Wagon. Very happy with the ride quality and quality of the products. The bumps are evened out and the ride is super smooth. Truck has slight rake as I only went with 1/2" leveling springs, as I did not upgrade the rear springs and figured for what I haul it would not squat the rear when loaded. Rear track bar plants the rear end and there is no more side to side jarring on uneven surfaces. These products offer amazing results and Thuren is leading the pack with aftermarket improvements.

Joey Mallard

Truck looks good and rides even better

These coils are amazing

The coils are fantastic; it says 6% stiffer, but they feel softer than the OEM. I should have done this years ago.

Shawn Bossert
2018 power wagon

This is my 1st set of thuren coil springs. As advertised they are awesome! Way smoother than the factory coil springs. Very happy with them.