Thuren Fabrication 2005-2013 Power Wagon Front Track Bar
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2005-2013 Power Wagon Front Track Bar Heim Joint End
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2005-2013 Power Wagon Front Track Bar Delrin Bushing End
Thuren Fabrication 2005-2013 Power Wagon Front Track Bar Delrin Bushing kit
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2005-2013 Power Wagon Front Track Bar


Regular price $400.00

If you are having any steering or handling issues, our Trackbar upgrade is the first place to start! Our Trackbar is designed to be very rigid, with as close to ZERO deflection as possible.

Often people will think that having a rigid track bar will give steering vibration and rattle, but this is simply not true, being that the Trackbar is the only support for the steering linkage. The less deflection in the Trackbar, the less deflection in the steering. Simple as that!


  • *If you have a 2005-2007 truck, read the below bolt size notice before ordering!!


  • Everything except the Heim Joint and hardware is manufactured in house from raw materials.
  • Made from 1.50"x3/8" wall 1026 DOM tube.
  • Delrin machined frame side bushing.
  • CNC machined form threaded Heim joint tube end.
  • Bead blast textured, then high quality Powder Coated.
  • Adjustable length (within spec)
  • Grease fitting for frame bushing.
  • Extreme duty FK Teflon lined rod end at axle side.

*Note: From 2005 to approximately 2007.5, these trucks used 14mm(shank size) bolts on both ends of the Trackbar. Then around the middle of 2007, some trucks were coming with a 14mm bolt on the frame side and a 16mm bolt on the axle side.

If you have a 2005-2007 truck and you're unsure if you have mismatched hardware, you should purchase the above 2008-2013 option with hardware included, and plan to possibly drill out the mounting flange(s) to a bigger 5/8"(16mm) hole.

Regardless, If you have a 2005-2007 truck, we highly recommend you upgrade to the 2008-2013 option with hardware included, as the 14mm OEM hardware is engineered too small in our opinion.

Upgrade and replacement parts can be found here

Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication 2005-2013 Power Wagon Front Track Bar Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steve Hundt
Fixed my problems

I started to get death wobble with only 30k miles on my 12 power wagon. The factory bushings were wore out causing movement, my first thought was to see what thuren offered! This bar has been great it has fixed my problems and is a lot stronger then the factory part.

Steven Hamilton
Great fix for my issue

Was having issues with death wobble on the interstate when hitting a series of bumps. After putting on this track bar, it completely solved the issue!

Darren Davis
Great track bar. Bolt broke when installing

Track bar is great, one of the two provided bolts broke while attempting to torque to their provided specs. I would just buy two new bolts/flag nuts from dealer and then use their track bar (which is what I ended up doing $40 extra dollars, a trip to Dodge, $20 in sawzall blades and three hours later). That way you get the great track bar but you do not spend a couple hours cutting/sawing/fishing out the bolt. Customer service was good. They answered quickly and had a solution. Sounds like it is very rare that the new bolt would break. I question the super high torque. The instructions list 225 but the sticker on the bar says 200. New instructions are in order.
Track Bar - 5 star, Provided bolts - 0 stars, Customer Service - 4 Stars
Buy your own bolts.