Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Power Wagon Front Track Bar
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Power Wagon Front Track Bar Heim End
Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Power Wagon Front Track Bar Delrin Side
Thuren Fabrication 14-22 PW Delrin Track Bar Bushing Kit
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2014-2023 Power Wagon Front Track Bar


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  • 2013+ 3500
  • 2014+ 2500 Dodge Rams
  • 2014+ Power Wagons
  • Does not function with larger aftermarket diff covers!!


  • First place to start if your vehicle has ANY strange handling traits.
  • Made from 1.50"x3/8" wall 1026 DOM tube.
  • Delrin machined frame side bushing.
  • CNC machined form threaded Heim joint tube end.
  • Bead blast textured, then highest quality Powder Coated.
  • Adjustable length (within spec)
  • Grease fitting for frame bushing.
  • Extreme duty FK Teflon lined rod end at axle side.

The OEM 2013+ Track Bar has been upgraded from the previous 2003-2013 design, and is not "absolutely mandatory" to replace right away on a new truck, as previously suggested. If you're nearing 20,000 miles on the OEM Trackbar, it's a good idea to plan on getting our Trackbar as an upgrade.

Our Trackbar is designed to be VERY rigid. Often people will think that having a rigid track bar will give steering vibration and rattle. This is simply not true being that the Trackbar is technically a steering support. You want and steering supports to be as low deflection as possible.

Note on 2019+ trucks: While a rare occurrence, our trackbar can at times slightly rub the 2019+ Aluminum bolt-on frame side mount. This contact is VERY slight if at all, and causes no issue. If yours touches and you want to have zero contact at that location, a 30 second job with a flat file can provide all the clearance needed.

Trackbar Replacement parts can be found here

Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Power Wagon Front Trackbar Instructions

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Shane Davis

2014-2023 Power Wagon Front Track Bar

Matt Raffel
Outstanding Company

Throughly impressed by the quality of people and products at Thuren!! This company goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied!!

BLM I623772
Power Wagon Track Bars

The front and rear track bar are built really well. The track bars did not solve the original problem with the Power Wagon. The truck still has the rocking back and forth motion (like being on a boat) at higher speeds on the highway.

You need this track bar

When you purchase a Ram, you should be given a link so you can buy this right away. The size difference is tremendous; leave the shiny diff cover for other knuckleheads. Show everyone you are a connoisseur and purchase an aftermarket part for your truck that will make a difference.

Steve S.
Great Product!

Great craftsmanship and finish. Great improvement over stock.