Image of Thuren Fabrication Delrin HD Track Bar Bushing Kit
Image of Thuren Fabrication Delrin HD Track Bar Bushing Kit Delrin Bushing
Image of Thuren Fabrication Delrin HD Track Bar Bushing Kit Center Pin
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Delrin HD Track Bar Bushing Kit


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In-house CNC machined Delrin frame bushing for use in extreme conditions. Comes standard on all Thuren Trackbars.


  • Only fits Thuren track bars manufactured from mid-2015 to present.
  • 2nd Gen 94-02 Bushing Kit only fits Thuren 2nd Gen Trackbar Kit
  • Verify your track bar by the attached picture if needed.
  • Provides less restriction and longer life in all conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Allen W
Ram Track Bar Bracket and Bushing Kit

The new track bar bracket was just what my 2020 Ram 3500 SRW needed, I have had a Thuren track bar for 60K but have tried to tighten several times without much success. Finally made the decision to purchase the Thuren all steel bracket and a new busing kit thinking my bushing maybe worn out as well but on removal, bushing looked good but bracket holes had been wallowed out. Installed new bracket in about an hour after I purchased a 27mm wrench I needed to reach one of the nuts/bolts I couldn’t get a socket on. Tighten everything up to specs, now I have no popping sounds coming from my front end. Now I also have a bushing kit on the shelf when this one wears out or my 2021 Ram 3500 DRW needs one.

I did have one issue, one of the bolt holes that mount the bracket to the frame of the truck was too small for the bolt to go through. I did have to get a 1/2" drill bit and wallow it around in the hole just a little to make hole big enough for the bolt to fit through. Took five mins, no big deal.

Also fast shipping, Great products,

Thank you, Thuren Fab.

hope the redesigned part lasts longer

I bought 3” springs and a trackbar for my ‘13 RAM to make it level. I don’t drive the truck a lot, so only logged about 8500 miles and the frame side bushing had some play. I contacted Thuren and they said that the bushing had failed and needed to be replaced. Seems like a pretty short life: OEM was fine for 140k, Thuren failed at 8500. So I bought the replacement and installed today. It’s a different design - thinner plastic, thicker steel bushing. No instructions - I even asked support for guidance - nothing. It’s pretty straightforward and a VERY tight fit - I used a ball joint press to coax it into place. Verdict is out on the part so far.
My review is only two stars for the following reasons:
1. Support was not helpful in providing info on how to ensure reasonable longevity outside their rather obvious and ambiguous suggestion that “proper installation and maintenance” can maximize lifespan. Original part was installed per instructions that came with the trackbar.
2. The significant design flaw: even though there is a zerk fitting, the bushing is not grease-able; the bushing is so tight that grease cannot be forced into the joint - no grease will enter the bushing. The old bushing had been greased several times, and was utterly dry upon removal. This design flaw is likely the reason for premature failure of the bushing.
3. No instructions - IF YOU INSTALL THIS PART, GREASE EVERYTHING DURING INSTALLATION, it’s your only hope for any lubrication!