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     Our Active-Rate sway bar is a softer spring rate compared to the stock OEM unit, allowing the axle to move and articulate more independently, side to side. This softer rate smooths out off-camber bumps, pot holes, curbs, etc.

  • This is our new release, Higher turn-clearance-version, front sway bar.
  • Clears 37x12.5 tires on stock wheels, with no rub on the sway bar.
  • Compliment with our High Clearance Radius Arms, to get full zero-rub turning radius with 37x12.5's and high positive-offset, tucked in, wheels.
  • Stainless steel frame bushing clamps and joint sleeves.
  • Uses no solid joints like Heim joints or solid bushings. In this application, non-greaseable joints can become noisy very early in the life-cycle.
  • 6 grease zerk fittings used throughout the assembly.
  • Same proven JKS Poly orbital joints as used in our other sway bar links.
  • Not recommended if you have a much higher center of gravity. For example a slide in camper, heavy camper on top of the rails, etc...
  • Heavy weight in the bed below the rail, or on the trailer hitch, is no issue with this sway bar.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick McMurray
Great product from a great company

2021 Ram 2500 Cummins purchased the high clearance active rate sway bar and installed it with the leveling kit from Thuren and now the truck handles much better than stock no more getting thrown side to side in the seat when entering driveways or when off reading it allows the truck to absorb the uneven surfaces much more comfortably. Well worth the money.

John Boatright
You won’t regret it!!

I’m running the 2” front coils, track bar, just added the Fox shocks as well as the sway bar on my 19 2500. All I can says is don’t think about it just get it, truck rides so much better. It really lets the coils and shocks work instead of being held back by stiff OEM sway bar. Turning into uneven parking lots, rail road tracks, and steep driveways won’t make you smack your head on window or throw you around in the seat. My only regret was not ordering this a year ago!

Ruben Prieto

Rpm suspensions
Awesome products , customer love it , must have on a thuren kit

Ruben Prieto
Rpm suspensions

Donald Riedel
Fixing factory ride

These people are amazing. My front axle felt like it was hitting the frame on most small bumps & RR tracks. Just by adding Thurens new high clearance sway bar the beast has been tamed with factory high pressure tires in place. Much more clearance side to side & twice as much more toward front. Cant wait to get 37's on now with factory ride heigth. Big difference. Anybody with late '19 and up Ram Hd should add this option asap to save your teeth from chattering while you drive. Now I need to swap out rear cross bar to tame the wandering rear end. Dont know why Ram hasnt figured it out yet. Theurn makes products that work, cost effectively. I manufacture steel products for towing industry and know Quality when I see it. Trust these guys you wont go wrong.
Thanks Thuren for doing what you do.