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2014-2024 Dodge Ram 2500 High Clearance Active Rate Sway Bar


Regular price $660.00

Our Active-Rate sway bar is a softer spring rate compared to the stock OEM unit, allowing the axle to move and articulate more independently, side to side.

This softer rate smooths out off-camber bumps, pot holes, curbs, etc.


  • Not recommended if you have a much higher center of gravity. For example, a slide in camper, or a heavy Roof Top Tent (RTT) equipped Overlanding build.
  • Our Active Rate Sway Bar functions great with heavy Gooseneck and 5th wheel towing, heavy weight in the bed below the top rail, or heavy weight on the bumper receiver hitch.
  • Fits stock height unmodified trucks, and also most other lifts up to 3" height
  • Note: Straight aftermarket Swaybars may interfere with some add-on steering box braces. Email us a picture of your brace to verify fit


  • Clears 37x12.5 tires on stock wheels, with no rub on the sway bar
  • Compliment with Thuren Alien Arms, to get full zero-rub turning radius with 37x12.5's and high positive-offset, tucked in wheels
  • Stainless steel frame bushing clamps and joint sleeves
  • 6061 Aluminum machined Sway Bar Links.
  • Uses no solid joints like Heim joints or solid bushings
  • 6 grease zerk fittings used throughout the assembly. In this application, non-greasable joints can become noisy early in the life-cycle
  • Same proven JKS Poly orbital joints as used on all Thuren Sway Bar Links
  • Heavy weight in the bed below the rail, or on the trailer hitch is not an issue with our sway bar

Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication High Clearance Sway Bar Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Chris C
Can’t wait to buy more!

Bought this product after ready other reviews. Saved about $1000 dollars compared to a similar product and the quality is all there. Directions are clear, all products fit great and ride is awesome. I will getting more Thuren products very soon!

Joe R
Glad I did it

After having my Thuren 2in leveling kit & track bar installed last April on my 19 Ram 2500, I decided to install rear sway bar links earlier this month which helped smoothing out road bumps. I had to try the front sway bar kit, I was glad I did !!!! Not only did it smooth out most of the front bumps, but I really noticed it doesn't lean on sharp curves like before. I can't wait to tow my 5th wheel & see the results. I know it's not cheap, but quality is definitely top notch along with customer support. It took me approximately 1.5 hrs from getting the old one off to going on a test drive. The only thing to keep in mind is the lower grease fitting on passenger side link is behind drag link, once you turn the wheel all the way you can get to it.


I have installed carli on clients trucks. This Thuren went on my personal truck. I am beyond impressed!! Sway bar and trac bar and the ride is already ten times better. Will be installing their coils and shocks in the coming week. This will make any truck ride better!!

Waited too long

So I ordered the torsion sway bar for my 21 ram 2500. I installed a tonneau cover before this. I am not a mechanic. I was nervous starting out. I have to say. This took me an 2 hours to install. Well that’s not quite accurate. The old sway bar came off and new one went on in about an hour. I had issues with my grease gun. After messing with it what felt like forever. I bought another one which took 5 mins to finish up. It was an easy install and I found install videos online. I’m loving it so far. My 35s no longer run on swaybar. It’s way more comfortable for uneven road surfaces.

Tony M
Amazing difference - the stock sway bar is junk!!

Just get it! It makes a world of difference compared to stock. Haven't tested it off road yet, but on-road... so smooth! Your head doesn't bang against the door glass when you hit a dip at an angle - very noticeable.