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2010-2013 Dodge Ram High Clearance Control Arms
2010-2013 Dodge Ram High Clearance Control Arms

2010-2013 Dodge Ram High Clearance Control Arms

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While these may be noted out of stock, we generally have everything in-house ready to go, just waiting on final assembly and packaging. Most orders will ship within a week, or less, after your order is placed. Thank you! 

Thuren Control Arms are a great addition to any solid axle Dodge Ram! These arms are much stronger than the OEM arms, and have more clearance for turning bigger tires.

Unlike OEM, our bushings have a good amount of deflection, and are not prone to failure with increased suspension travel.


  • Works on trucks with 0" to 3.5" of lift

  • Arms are 1/2" longer length, allowing the use of 37" tires, even with wheel offsets close to factory specs 
  • Lower arms are built from high strength 1.5"x3/8" wall 1026 DOM tube
  • Upper arms are a solid alloy bar
  • Wide flange joints, to make sure bolt torque has no problem keeping the arms locked in place, even under heavy abuse
  • Bend in lower arms do not cross center to retain impact strength.
  • Machined in house proprietary Self Centering joints to prevent the arms from rocking to one side and rubbing the frame/axle.
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel center pivots. 17-4 Stainless is about as hard as a Grade 8 bolt, so these joints will not crush like other brand arms.
  • Stainless steel center pivots prevent rust seizing of the bolts and make for easy removal.
  • Joints are easy to grease and maintain. No special tools are required it is a very easy and inexpensive job to rebuild.
  • Arms are texture blasted before powder-coating, to prevent impact chipping of the coating.
  • Main joint bushings are a moderate durometer high quality PTMEG Polyurethane for great wear resistance, and great vibration control.

We often get people that insist they need adjustable control arms. About the only time this is true, is if you are trying to build a custom 4" or so lift, or if you want to run this style arm (short arms) on taller 4" to 6" lifts or so. Problem with both of these scenarios is explained below:

  • With 0-3" of lift, you can only make the control arms 1/2" longer than stock. If you make them ANY longer, even 1/8", you will most likely hit the coil mount on the axle against the frame when the suspension cycles. Our arms are already the longest they can be with 0-3" of lift.
  • With over 4" of lift, short arms degrade handling and ride quality massively. Instead of investing in expensive adjustable short arms, put that money into purchasing long arms, and build the truck the proper way.
  • Lifts between the 4" and 6" height requires all the same drop components. This means that with a 4" lift you have to limit bump travel 3". This means you increase your bump travel 1" more than stock. Massive waste of potential. For reference, our 3" lifts do not restrict bump travel, so you increase bump travel the full 3" when you lift 3".

Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication 94-13 Control Arms Instructions

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    These arms are perfect. The indestructible build and finish quality is awesome. They fixed several issues I had: some inconsistent brake pull, loose steering, and a shake between 45-50mph. Return to center is much stronger, high speed driving + braking is more stable, steering is tight and accurate, and bumps are just a bit smoother than before.

    One thing I disagree with from the instructions: unbolting the turbo downpipe is way easier (for me) than cutting awkward bolts. V-band clamp at turbo, 3 bolts on exhaust stuff, and an exhaust hanger on tranny: allows you to move the exhaust to the side enough to remove a tricky bolt.

    Only seized bolts on my mostly rust-free truck were the big caster adjusters. Had to cut those. Swing by local dealer and get a couple spares so you don't get stuck like I did.


    Stopped my tire rub when running 35’s on stock suspension works great

    Anthony K

    Love these new arms! Previously I had another aftermarket brand in my truck. These arms allow the truck to ride much better, smoother and built with much better quality. I have yet to try them off-road, so I can’t say anything to that yet.

    Jeremy Sprague
    Ram2500 high clearance control arms

    Fast shipping as always. Instructions were perfect. With all the tools set up it’s no more than a one hour job. No jacks no lifts. You do however as recommended need to cut the top frame bolt on the passenger side which is easily done with a sawsall with a 8 inch metal bit. They make it dummy proof, their stickers on the end of each arm dictating which one is which. It kicked in the front end far enough so the tires centered in the wheel well with a 3 inch lift. I was gonna not do the control arms to save some money however once I installed the lift you could tell the spring and the shock on my 2013 was angled back about a quarter inch. I drove it like that for a week until the new Control arms came in and they do make a noticeable difference. I would highly recommend this product to anybody

    Zack Griffard
    Best control arms in the business

    These high clearance arms are BEEFY! I ordered the 3” coil springs and Fox 2.0 shocks and will be installing them this weekend. Looking forward to a better ride.