Image of Thuren Fabrication 2019-2022 Dodge Ram 1500 King 2.5 Shocks
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2019-2023 Dodge Ram 1500 King 2.5 Shocks


Regular price $3,580.00

Current KING Shock lead times are about 4-5 months. Be sure you're ready to wait that long before ordering.


  • Front and rear package fits 2019-2023 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 trucks
  • Can provide up to 2.5" of front lift
  • Our extremely advanced, custom tailored shock tuning, is included in price
  • Stainless Steel shafts included front and rear
  • Rear shock boots included to protect exposed rear shock shafts

These shocks make an astounding improvement in almost every single aspect of the trucks handling. On road, off road, steering response, stability, etc. You name it. The improvement is massive.

If there is any questions before placing your order, PLEASE call to discuss tuning or anything, ahead of time.
You pay a little more for these shocks through us, compared to some other retailers, but you are getting the most advanced internals/valving that has taken many years to develop, plus some small but valuable upgrades. It's worth the extra coin!

Our wide range of valving options has been developed over years of research, theory, and real-world testing technology found in the latest Motocross shock internals and adapting that design to allow heavy Dodge Diesel Trucks to perform like no other pickup out there.

Every internal shock design has had focus placed on giving the best ride for everyday driving and smaller terrain as well as adding control and resisting bottoming out on the larger impacts.

By strategically placing multiple valving zones inside the shock and creating a true speed-sensitive valving setup. Smaller impacts utilize the soft-zone valving while larger impacts push through this zone and use the stiffer tuned zone(s).

This type of valving is specific to each individual vehicle and requires precision down to the last .001” Shim. This level of performance is unmatched and will not be found on an off-the-shelf universal “race” shock.

- Stage One - On highway performance is smooth and responsive. Valving is also light enough to completely absorb large potholes, highway expansion joints, and excels on small choppy terrain.

Because Stage One Valving is the lightest setup offered, it can still bottom out as you drive more aggressively off-road. Performance, comfort, and speed will double over that of the stock shock setup.

- Stage Two - Top notch highway performance with a sports-car-like feel can be achieved with this level of valving. Large potholes, whoops, and ruts will be absorbed easily. However, the smaller bumps will have an entry-level feel to them with this setup.

Off-road performance and bottoming resistance is roughly 10% over that of Stage One Valving.

- Stage Three - This is the most common valving design we use and often is the most requested. With the right components to complement this valving setup, the performance gains could be huge! There is no comparison to the stock configuration with stage 3 valving.

Large potholes, curb-sized bumps, rutted dirt roads, and sand whoops are no longer a problem. More speed is required to push through the stiffer valving offered here and therefore smoothing out the ride over this type of terrain.

- Stage Four - This level of tuning is where the off-road performance really increases and desires speed to do so. It is strongly recommended to install an Axle Truss on your truck at this point due to increased speeds and higher impacts that come up quickly.

On-road performance is far better than a stock configuration but will start to feel more firm on the large potholes and bumps in comparison to Stage Three valving.

- Stage Five - An Axle Truss is mandatory at this point simply due to the potential speeds that are required to utilize this level of valving. With this level of valving the smaller bumps are not absorbed as easily however bottoming out is heavily resisted.

Large potholes and small speed bumps will have the same feel as the stock setup but will be soaked up with speed to push through the valving configuration. The highway feel will be well balanced but still resemble that of a stock truck setup.

- Stage Six - This is where the Race Speed Performance enters the game. Smaller square-edged bumps will be more pronounced but the bigger whoops and rollers crave more speed. Larger sand whoops can be skipped across the top with the right application of skill, speed, and line choice.

Stage Six valving can truly test the skill of any driver and allow your truck to obtain jaw-dropping speeds in the roughest of terrain. Driving your Dodge Ram at the speeds applicable to this valving will require immense off-road driving skill, experience, and supporting component upgrades.

Highway driving is compromised when contacting large potholes and bumps but freeway expansion joints are still more balanced over stock suspension.

Customer Reviews

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Joe S
Can you say Harsh Ride?

Worst accessory purchase I think I have ever made. And I am a car enthusiast for over 40 years. Waited 4 months to arrive because they are supposed to "The Best". Follow up question should have been, best at what? Information all builds up the upgrade as better than stock in every way. Except ride!! Not happy and very dissatisfied with the so called expert advice on what is best for my application by Thuren Suspension sales people. And customer service after the sale is not much over smart ass responses, like everyone is an idiot, check your tire pressure or just remove them and ship back and we will try to retune them. What a Joke and 4 months to wait to be treated like I just need to be happy I have a King Suspension sticker and shut up.

5/20/23 UPDATE: Short backstory... Early on Joe took his truck to a shop he said was very experienced with high end shocks. They lowered the nitrogen pressure in the front shocks to almost 100psi trying to soften the ride. You can NOT do that!!! After me telling Joe that this could potentially be the entire problem, and that the truck also being too tall and lowering it will soften it too, I finally convinced them to get to the proper(200+) psi and lower the front end with the adjusters, and to please trust me on this. His response after doing that was, 'ride quality has improved noticeably and is less stiff and harsh'.. Not a word more, and crickets since.... I kinda expected an apology... Oh well! - Don

5/17/23 : Not sure why offering to tune the shocks softer is a joke. Not sure what else to do. Naturally you can send them back for a refund also. Tires do play a big part in the ride quality so verifying that is a part of the process, and does not mean we're implying you're an idiot. Sorry the shocks are stiffer than you would have liked. I feel like your responses have been the out of line ones, as I think everyone here can see. Not sure why asking you to box the shocks up so we can send you a shipping label to send them back was a bad thing. We're not perfect all the time, and I hope we can get the shocks tuned to your liking.- Don