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2014-2024 Dodge Ram 2500 OEM Fit King Steering Damper

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  • 2014+ Ram 2500
  • 2013+ Ram 3500
  • 2014+ Power Wagon


  • Designed specifically for larger, wider, tires and wheels.
  • Small shaft high-pressure design.
  • Large COM10 5/8" bore teflon lined bearings.
  • Special loaded-valve piston design which controls even the smallest road imperfections.
  • Machined in house 17-4 stainless bearing misalignment hardware.
  • Easy 15min or less install using all OEM hardware.

Striving to produce the ultimate steering damper, working directly with KING Shocks for over a year, we came up with a great product for the Dodge Ram platform. Every brand steering damper we've ever tested, only started to function when you impact large hits, and did little to nothing to reduce small chatter and road imperfections felt through the steering wheel.

This damper is internally tuned to control every aspect of the driving experience, including help erase small road chatter feel through the steering wheel. While steering dampers in the past have been seen as an un-needed component, when it comes to handling and driving safety on the Ram Trucks platform, this damper completely changes the game and does aid in keeping the truck safe regarding Death Wobble prevention.

Notes and info regarding the design: A high quality steering damper designed for large heavy vehicles, with large tires and wider wheels, is a finicky part to design. The main issue is being able to charge the damper with the required 100psi minimum pressure, without the damper inducing too much steering push to one side. If there is less than 100psi gas charge, the damper can internally cavitate causing it to momentarily loose function, just when you need it the most. Smaller lighter vehicles can use less gas pressure.

The damper main shaft diameter used, is directly related to the amount of extra "push" the damper will give. For example a 7/8" diameter shaft damper will give 60lbs force push at 100psi. This damper with the 1/2" shaft only pushes with 19lbs of force, and with the extra tight seal head the actual push at the steering linkage is reduced even more.

Though note that even 19lbs of push can give a slight push to one side which would need to be tuned out with the alignment settings, but this is usually only a problem if using OEM offset wheels and stock more narrow tires. With less offset wheels and wider tread tires, this steering damper will normally drop right in and only a positive change will be noted.

If you have stock wheels and close to stock width tires, we suggest looking at our Fox TS/ATS steering dampers, as the have no push effect at all.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Evan Raftovich
2020 Power Wagon Thuren Track Bar and King Steering Stabilizer

Steering was feeling sloppy and getting weird feedback from my steering wheel so l decided to grab a Thuren Track Bar and King Steering Stabilizer. Tires rotated and balanced, serviced tires to correct PSI and installed King Steering Stabilizer and could right away notice the difference. Turns out it take 3-5 business days for my OEM stabilizer to rebound back to an extended position. LOL! My truck is just under 40,000 miles which is great. The Thuren Track Bar was an easy install by myself. I had to hop up in the cab to move the steering wheel a couple times but went very smoothly and the drag link adjustment was a breeze.
Quick surface street and highway test and there was a night and day difference with both of these products.


Replaced a Fox 2.0 with this modified Thuren/King steering stabilizer. Already have their track bars, springs, fox bypass shocks on with Method HD/KM3 35s on 16 PW. Immediate positive improvement in steering control/precision and bump/pothole wheel feel.
No pull and steering just 'feels good'. Another great Thuren product.

Justin Clark
Big Improvement

This damper made a huge difference in ride quality.

David Moore
Definitely pleased.

I was running a stock stabilizer on my '18 Power Wagon on 37's and haven't really thought I needed a stabilizer in the 6 months that I've owned it. That is, until I started commuting through middle of nowhere CA on busted ass country roads at 70mph. I installed this a week ago and it has made a world of positive impact. Would definitely recommend.

Amazing stuff

I installed Thuren shocks, coils, sway bar, King damper, and track bar all of which made a great improvement in ride quality. I tested at different stages in the build with first test being just the coils and shocks and at every stage I could feel a drastic difference. We pay too much for these trucks so what’s a couple more grand to make it ride great.