Ram factory OEM front trackbar 16mm bolts and nuts, for the 2008-2012 Ram 3500, and 2008-2013 Ram 2500 and Power Wagon.
16mm Flag nut for the Trackbar upgrade kit
16mm Bolt For the 16mm Trackbar Upgrade kit

2008-2013 16mm Trackbar Bolt And Nut Kit


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Ram factory OEM front trackbar 16mm bolts and nuts


  • 2008-2012 Ram 3500
  • 2008-2013 Ram 2500 and Power Wagon.
    • Includes 2 bolts and 2 flag nuts.

    If you'd like to upgrade your hardware on your 2003-2007 truck, this hardware can be used with our 2008-2013 16mm frame bushing, which drops right into your 2003-2007 Thuren Trackbar.

    You will need a 5/8" or 16.5mm drill to drill out your frame and axle if you want to do this. You will also need the 2008-2013 16mm Heim joint sleeves for the axle side to complete the process.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Jason Griffin
      Ultimate Quality!

      I received this kit in a very timely fashion and the quality was second to none. I highly recommend Thuren Fabrication for all your suspension needs!

      michael ratta
      Good stuff

      works great! Getting the old one out.. thats another story!

      Ronald Self
      Got it right the second time…

      I way over-torqued the first set and stretched one until it broke. Bought a second set. Torqued to 225ft lbs.
      I wonder if it’s not enough. All is new in the front end of the 2006 dodge 2500 MegaCab Carli suspension 3”. I still can feel something bumping around in the frontend. The bolts are great far as I’m concerned.

      Found the Limit

      Well I didn't get the first set of 14mm bolts tight and it's caused troubles.
      So...I hear about these 16mm bolts and well I OVER DID IT and SNAPPED OFF the one on the axle side. NOT sure HOW I'm going to get that broken piece OUT....
      I'm ordering a second (set) because it's likely I've already over tightened the bolt at the frame side. Thought I was doing good...but about to pass out in the heat and thought ONE MORE and BAM !!!! it POPPED like .22LR cracked off.... going backwards before I go forwards again here.....

      Joseph Colman
      2” level

      These guys deserve a shout out. Couldn’t believe how smooth my truck drove after installing the 2” level and track bar from thuren. Never thought a 3rd gen dodge could have that ride quality. And there customer service is second to none. Fast shipping as weal