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Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Power Wagon Rear Coil Kit E-Brake Bracket
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2014-2024 Power Wagon Rear Coil Kit

2014-2024 Power Wagon Rear Coil Kit


Regular price $615.00


  • 2014-2024 Ram Power Wagon rear suspension

Kit Includes:

  • One pair of Rear Coils
  • Thuren HD extended swaybar link kit
  • Thuren Frame guide bracket for the E-Brake cable.


  • Must purchase our rear shocks to be used with this kit.
  • If not listed as a Dual-Rate coil, it is Single-Rate.

    Single-Rate Coils info: Our Single-Rate rear coils are softer than the OEM rear coils, providing a ride more like a 1/2 ton truck. If you're rarely loading the truck bed, or only rarely towing moderate weight for short distances, the rear end will sag a few inches with our standard Single-Rate coils, and air-bags are not really needed. If loading very heavy, plan on Airbags or a similar load support system added. 

    1/19/2024 New Dual-Rate coils!!!! 

    Dual-Rate Coils info: Our Dual-Rate coils were originally conceived for our soon to be released Rear 2014-2024 Ram 2500/PW Predator Long-Travel suspension system, as our Single-Rate coils were just too short to allow full travel. Once we got these coils in for testing and on some trucks, we quickly realized these will most likely be our top seller rear coils, as they ride great AND handle weight really well.

    They do not ride quite as good down the highway as our single rate coils, but they still ride very similar to the OEM Power Wagon rear coils, while also being able to provide about 15" of suspension travel. With weight added to the bed these coils will sag similar to the stock Power Wagon coils.

    As with any coils, if you load or tow REALLY heavy, you will need Airbags or something similar. NOTE: With an unloaded truck these coils will sit about 1" LOWER than the stock Power Wagon rear coils. If you want to retain your stock height, you will need to add our HSK spacer kit.

    Product Installation Instructions

    Thuren Fabrication Rear Coil Kit Instructions

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Nicholas Harbeke
      Rear dual rates

      I love the ride and performance of the rear dual rate coils and the track bar feels so much smoother. No I am noticing how I blow through the front shocks way to easy so guess I’ll have to save up for Kings and bump stops . Fantastic job to the guys at Thuren for the time and R&D they put in . 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼

      Andrew C
      better ride then i thought i would have had

      my 2020 Power Wagon, I thought it road like a tank and I hated it. I got the stock right height springs and man. I'm blown away by how well these springs do. they helped the right so much I can't even say thank you guy's enough, it's night and day. I think I need a bigger bore shock, but the 2.0 fox shocks are not doing okay. and changing the springs only took about 1.5 hours. not hard at all. and worth every penny spent.

      the roads in Colorado are the worst I've ever seen and this helps me not worry about it.