Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Sway Bar Links For OEM Rear Coils

2014-2023 Sway Bar Links For OEM Rear Coils


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Only purchase these Swaybar Links if you never plan to swap out the OEM rear coils.

If you think you might swap to Thuren Rear Coils in the future, use Swaybar links specific to Thuren Rear Coils. They are a bit longer and will sit lower, but you won't have to purchase links twice.


  • 2014-2023 Ram 2500 rear sway bar.
  • Will only function with shocks up 1" longer than stock OEM.
  • Will work great with OEM rear coils using a coil spacer.
  • If using Thuren Rear Coils, and our longer shocks, these links are too short to use.


  • 13" long center to center.
  • Heavy duty kit replaces weak OEM rear swaybar links.
  • Fully grease-able for smooth noise free operation.

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    William Botkin

    2014-2022 Sway Bar Links For OEM Rear Coils

    Dave B.
    Sway bar links for 2019 Ram 2500, OEM coils with 1 inch spacer - install/performance

    This is in addition to a previous review that mentioned the IFP leveling kit that was installed as well. Product arrived expeditiously and was well packaged. Removal of OEM sway bar links was a little bit of a pain. Install of Thuren links was not too eventful other than discovering the frame holes for them had to be slightly bored to accommodate larger diameter bolts. Not a big deal but with no install notes included (you don't need install directions really) it was unexpected. Performance is definitely improved for the rear suspension system as was noted in previously submitted review which focussed on ride quality improvement and towing of a 30 ft travel trailer. Thuren upgrades include; IFP leveling kit, Fox shocks and steering damper, rear sway bar links and separately; Traxda 1 inch rear coil spacers and Timbren DR2500D suspension enhancement system.