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NOTE: No discounts on these listed prices. If you order with a dealer discount or discount code, we will refund your order so you can re-order properly.

8/1/23 - If your color choice is noted "OUT OF STOCK", we do have the raw machined wheels in stock, so once you order the machined wheels go to powdercoating, and will be shipped about a 10-14 days after that.


    • Fits 2022-2023 RIVIAN R1T and R1S
    • Listed price is per single wheel.
    • Forged and manufactured 100% in the USA.
    • 20" x 8" x +50mm offset
    • Tucked in slightly tighter than even the OEM wheels.
    • Hub Centric design.
    • 43.5lb** per wheel by design, for improved impact strength.
    • FEA analysis 3200lb weight rating.
    • HD = Ready to handle anything.
    • Special Tire Bead retention lip to keep tire on with even very low pressure.
    • Valve-Stem impact/Rock protection built into the design.
    • Uses factory OEM Lug Nuts.
    • Aluminum machined Center Caps included.
    • Suggested TMPS sensors to use CLICK HERE
    • If you want to DIY program the above sensors CLICK HERE
    • To update the tool for Rivian to show up if needed  CLICK HERE

    This has been a long road getting these wheels finished, and we are so happy with the outcome! In order to make these wheels virtually indestructible, we intentionally added a few pounds of weight, compared to the OEM wheels. The main reason for this is that the Rivian is essentially the weight of a heavy Diesel 1 Ton 8-lug wheel truck. With 800+ HP and only 5 lug nuts, it's virtually mandatory any wheel that goes on the Rivian be Hub-Centric, and being Forged Aluminum is just that extra sense of security. The wheel bead area bends on the Ram 2500/3500 trucks all the time off road, and the Rivian will be no different, if the wheels are not strong enough.

    If you don't know what Hub-Centric is, here are a few point that make Hub-Centric so important on certain vehicles. The most important detail, in our opinion, is that a Hub-Centric wheel takes any Shear-Forces from impacts off the lug studs. This means that the only loads the studs see are fastening clamping forces, or rotational Shear Forces from braking/accelerating.

    The weight of the vehicle, how hard you drive Off-Road, big pot holes, etc, are a non-issue as the center hub is taking the impact forces, instead of the lug studs. Much safer! When lug nuts come loose on Lug-Centric wheels, it's generally going to be from hard impacts allowing the wheel face to slightly shift a tiny amount on the hub, but that tiny amount can grow quickly into a loose wheel, as the wheels spin down the road. Hub-Centric also makes the wheel run more true down the road if there are issues with machining or lug-stud or lug-nut symmetry, with the hub forcing the wheel dead-center and true.

    In the future we may make a lighter weight version wheel, for people mostly concerned with range or racing around a paved track, but really, 5lbs off of a wheel on a 7000 pound vehicle is not going to change a lot in the range department. For the best range, a light weight tire with a smooth, low rolling resistance tread, is the biggest player. Reducing the weight far out near the tread of the tire, is what will give you the biggest effect in rotating mass reduction effect. After a year of driving around on these wheels, with MUCH heavier tires, the negative range impact is almost nothing.

    Another detail we incorporated is to make the wheel a 1/2" more narrow than OEM. We did this so that when Off Road the tire sidewall bulge is sucked in a little more so it's protected better, which also helps protect the wheel from rock rash, or curb-rash. Also, most tires in the size we'll be running on the Rivian prefer an 8" wide wheel.

    For more resistance to Off-Road abuse, the outer wheel lips that normally get damaged or bent, are extra thick. We also incorporated a sunk pocket that the valve stem is down in, so that rocks or anything bouncing around won't break the valve stem and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

    Tire Fitment - We've done extensive testing in the last few months, and here is what we have found in regards to tire fitment. Keep in mind our wheels are a little more narrow, and have a tiny bit more positive offset, so this information will not cross over to the OEM wheels. The OEM 275/65R20 fits perfect in every scenario with our wheels. The big difference is that many tires of the same size truly measure quite a bit different in width. All tires seem to have the same 34" diameter, but the tread width can vary a ton. For this reason, we feel the 295/60R20 tire is the perfect tire to use with our wheels, because of the wider contact patch which looks and handles awesome on road and off, but the 34" diameter is retained making it so there is zero rub. 295/65R20 tires have been tested, but with the 35" diameter, in Sport-Lowest and driving aggressive, the tire can touch the plastic a bit in the front. Our test truck will probably live with this size, but we don't suggest it unless you are OK with a little rub at times.

    Wheel Offset - With the Rivian able to auto-squat itself down super low, if the wheel offset pushes the wheels outward any more than factory, you are going to possibly risk rubbing the tires on the fenders when in Lowest Mode. We actually pulled the wheels in a couple millimeters, which lets even wider more aggressive tread width tires fit with ease in every height scenario, on road or off. Also, keeping the wheels tucked in like this, is more Aerodynamic.

    Tire retention - Method wheels, and some other Run-Flat wheel manufacturers, have implemented designs to help keep the tire on the wheel even when down to very low air pressures. In most cases, a heavy vehicle plus low air pressure, is a perfect combo to have you stranded off road. We designed a tire bead lip that is not as aggressive as the Method Bead-Grip, but does give a similar effect to a Run-Flat wheel. With 34" tires and 20" wheels we don't have the air-volume to go into single digits pressure wise, but if you are running an E-rated tire having strong sidewalls, you can go very low with our wheels. Medium speed sharp rocky terrain 25-30psi is great. Slow speed rock crawling 20-25psi works awesome. Medium speed smoother terrain like snow or sand, 15-20psi is super effective to help from getting stuck.

    Color Choice info - The Gloss Grey Metallic is a slightly lighter version of Rivian El Cap Granite. In the sun the metallic glimmer is strong. This color will compliment almost any vehicle color well.

    Our Black is called "Light Black", as it looks odd when Black wheels are a deeper darker Black when compared to the tires. This color is more of a very very Dark Grey with a little bit of Fine Metallic shimmer to it in the sun. We call it a Semi-Gloss because of the Shimmer, but it really has no Gloss it's more matte. Similar texture to Matte PPF.

    The Dark Bronze is very dark in the shade, but wakes up to a very shimmery, almost Root Beer like color, in the sun.

    The Custom Color option lets you run wild with Prismatic Powders range of colors. Choose a color code here COLOR OPTIONS and lets us know that in the order notes.


    ** Note on wheel weight variance. Machining these wheels is a 2 part process, which can regularly remove or leave more material behind on the end product. We also suspect there is variance in material density when the forgings are received from our manufacturer. Claimed weight is an average of weights we have calculated and measured. The claimed weight is uncoated wheels, and Powercoating will add weight and sometimes powdercoating is two layers, so keep this in mind if you decide to weight your wheels after receiving them. Thank you!


    Email Don at if you have any other questions thank you!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Scott W.
    Killer Wheels, Awesome Support!

    The DECA/HD 20s are clearly built like tanks and look amazing on my R1T with 295/65/R20 BFG KO2's (tiniest amount of rub only at full lock in Sport Lowest). I've already had a half a dozen other Rivian drivers stop me and ask about them in the first few days on the truck. Don was super responsive in answering all of my questions about tire fitment during the purchase process and got the wheels to me super fast.

    Leon van Hees
    Quality product!

    Received the wheels in pristine condition. They look amazing and the fit is perfect.

    Matthew D.
    Awesome rims!

    Well made, Don is the man!

    Clean and Awesome

    Like the previous reviewer said, "built like a brick shit house" ... tossed some Cooper Discoverer ATP 2s on these and am having a blast. Highly recommend. Also, communication with Don was great and I never felt out of the loop!


    Love the new rims. Look great, drive great, seem well thought out and built like a brick shit house.