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Shock Boots


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We suggest installing shock boots if you live in extreme weather conditions, harsh winters with road salt, drive in muddy conditions, corrosive environments, etc. Shock boots will help prevent oil leaks at the shaft by helping prevent main seal damage. Shock main seal damage, and leaking, is 90% of the time not covered under the shocks warranty if no boots are present.


  • Small Boots fit 2.0" diameter Shocks, most Steering Dampers, most Twin-Tube Shocks, Fox 2.0 shocks, Bilstein 5100 shocks, etc.
  • Large Boots fit 2.5" diameter Shocks, and can also squeeze over 3.0" body shocks.


  • These boots are sold in pairs. Meaning, if you order quantity of 1, we will send 2 shock boots.

  • This is an add on product that if purchased alone, does not qualify for our noted $25 free shipping policy in check out. If ordering shock boots, your order must total $60 to qualify for free shipping. If your order does not total $60 and you choose free shipping, we will refund your order so you can order properly.

  • These shock boots are not intended to be ordered in bulk. There is a 4 pair purchase limit. If you order more than 4 pairs, we will refund your order.


Customer Reviews

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Get the boots!

Don’t cheap out and not order the boots for your expensive shocks.

Don Coatney
Shock boots

Boots fit great and easy to install but they are way too long.

Not what I expected, poor fitment.

I purchased 2.5 kings and got the shaft boots. Went to install them on the rear of my 2006 ram 2500 and they were good and tight on the shock body side, but the shaft side has no where to attach to. There is at least an inch of play so ziptieing them down to the shaft is not happening. I just left them off as they were not a good fit on the shaft side. Would be nice if the boot was meant for the expensive shocks being sold.

Steve Potter

Shock Boots

Rick Seitz
shocks boots

these look well made and feel like good quality and will make my shocks look good on my truck